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I started the antidepressants last Monday. They say that it will take a month for me to fully feel the results, but I can tell you that it has been a trial getting through this week. The first part of the week I was tired, so much that by the evening when I talked it sounded like I was drunk. It made me extremely drowsy. My mind felt like it was swimming through soup to get anything accomplished, but my body is getting used to it so about Wednesday I started to feel better, more aware. However, I still am having trouble getting out of bed. I slept almost 9 hours last night and didn’t want to wake when I finally did. I think they are slightly affecting my appetite. There is a bonus. I am not eating as much. I have felt this past week that my mouth was smaller than usual. Weird right. Also if I over indulge it makes me feel like throwing up. I will say this is the biggest plus from that: I haven’t cried once.

No smoking is going pretty good. I have only been smoking about 3 smokes a week. I don’t know why I am even doing that. I am starting to hate this smell, which I think is common to all reformed smokers so that is making me feel confident in my ability to finally quit. I know there are so many benefits to quitting. My Doctor said my circulation will get better, I will have less ear infections, I won’t stink, I will breathe better, and my husband will be really happy! He thinks that the antidepressants are the key to me finally quitting for good. That is probably helpful, as I have said before, I have tried almost everything. I am at the point were I have no choice. I have backed myself in a corner on purpose. I have told all my family and friends. I have showed confidence, and I am determined. It is a slow process.

I am still in the no smoking part of my get healthy project, which I am giving myself time and patience for, but my husband and I were talking about food last night. We have decided to start looking for ways to get out 5-9 fruits and veggies everyday. We decided rather than start with restricting each other since I am quitting smoking, we will try and add more nutrients to our diet. It might make a fun little game. I also have a goal of looking for other protein resources other than animal proteins because I seriously need them. Especially in my snacks through out the day. Anyone have any ideas?

7 thoughts on “status update

  1. Stella

    Danielle, you are doing a great job especially as you navigate these uncharted waters on your own.. well, mostly but it sounds like you have setup some excellent supports to help you along this journey. You may want to subscribe to Brandon’s Fitness Blog, his most recent blog is a huge list of foods that should be included in the diet rotation. We also have protein shakes and uses both hemp protein and whey protein. You might want to get in touch with him directly for more tips! (

    1. I do have some really good special friends who are helping me. It is so nice. My sister is going through this, my husband, my brother, and I had a great strategy meeting with Kelly the other day that I will write about soon. My friend Shellie is a vegan and she is offering lots of emotional support. Christine is offering to go on walks with me. How to I get to his fitness blog? Thank Brandon for helping people to lose weight. I will check out his blog…can you explain to me the benefits of hemp protein and whey protein?

  2. Barbara Martin-Sparrow

    Hi Danielle –Roger and I have lost 50 lbs each this last year–and we don’t know why??? So some things things we have changed– and we still eat out alot– just put in request such as dressing on side to dip fork in — or no added salt– then again I hate cooking at home and you two sound like you are having fun doing that so don’t stop– it sounds very romantic– just don’t reject friends or special events by avoiding dining out– it can be done–
    I don’t have internet at home so I can’t read all your blogs–sorry– they are great-
    -1st–they say if you tackle several things at once– it kinda confuses the brain so that you can change more things at one time. R quit smoking on our wedding day 35 years ago next month — chewed lots of gum– but maybe it was easier to do because it had more meaning that day– know it is hard to do so ots of luck AND tell evry smoker what you are trying– help their health too!
    Food changes– we have veggies every am breakfast– if you do a three bean salad or have black beans and corn or carrots –beans are an alternative protein–give more fiber–are a veggie– ex are red beans–garbonzo–kidney–black beans– we have those and some carbs–bread or a waffle– fruit and sometimes some more protein–eggs–meat– you gotta have protein to burn the fat but it doesn’t have to be animal based so beans might work –we eat lots of nuts added to things too.
    We also added vit d

  3. Barbara Martin-Sparrow

    Oops! ran out of room–we take vit d and omega 3– those also reduce swelling –since i drink lots of water they work- as a diabetic i take calcium mag zinc for depression–diabetes causes depression– i miss that pill and i feel awful– been using about 5 years and doesn’t have side effects– Remember all the starches and sugars cause swelling when you eat them– you have to have some but counter them with a protein– and eat lots of veggies–only problem $$$ Frozen are just as good as veggies frozen at their prime. So our am meal has 3 servings veggies and fruit– a big start– we put veggies in everything– good luck– just some ideas– Barbara

    1. Wow, thats awesome Barbara, that is a feat to lose so much!! Please pass on the congrats to your husband as well. I find that the most wonderful part of my quest to get healthy is that my husband is going on this adventure with me. It helps so much to have a partner that is supportive. I am cutting down on my carbs, and we try to only eat the complex whole wheat variety. I am insuline resistant as well so this is important for me too. I have yet to fully embrace a bean filled diet though, I will be fully honest with you. I could use some suggestions or recipes for adding those, especially if you have some good ones for breakfast. We aren’t going to reject eating out with friends or at friends homes we aren’t going to be bowing out of anything. We just want to spend out money on organic as much as possible so that we can vote for that being the way the industry should go. We have watched those shows and seen how the animals are treated and feel this is how we can vote they not be treated that way. As a consumer I can make a powerful choice to not support antibiotics and pesticides in our food. That’s, I think, the only way we will accomplish it, because the government hasn’t done a good job regulating our food safety. Also, Brad and I ate out ALOT. Our main weekness was what was convenient, you know what I mean? We would get off work, roll into McDonald’s and get a value meal at least once a week. If we have this standard to how we spend our money….then we won’t eat that crap either. It is like cutting off my biggest weakness and because I am passionette about it, I am finally feeling that this is going to work. Since we aren’t eating out fast food that pretty much saves the money to buy fresh organic meat and veggies.

      Wow I love this blogging. I haven’t talked to you in ages. This is a weird way to connect but at least I am finding out what is going on with you. I am so proud of you for losing weight and you and your husband caring for each other that way. Let me know if you have any good bean recipes for me.

      1. Barbara Martin-Sparrow

        Great comments–miss you too– I don’t have time to use dry beans and reconstitute them so we use canned and rinse for less salt– try garbonzo beans with kidney beans– also can add green beans to that/ or red beans and corn// or black beans and corn/ french style beans and carrots and garbonzos /or tomatoes with the kidney or black beans–we like all now without dressing or butter– just have as a serving with rest of breakfast– good luck–you’ll probably come up with something more fancy

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