How we are handling food, this is just the beginning.


Brad and I have decided that a veggie fast isn’t the way to go. We want to make permanent changes that will affect our lives FOREVER. I think that it is courageous for anyone to make a change in their life. I mean any time you try to improve your life it takes guts, so I am not going to put down anyway of trying to lose weight. My sister is trying a program through her doctor. I have a friend who is entirely vegan, I have another friend doing a juice fast, and I think all these people are so brave and smart for trying to make their lives more healthy. I can’t tell anyone what will work for them, and I shouldn’t try too. I can only say when something won’t work for me. Brad and I discussed it and decided only a diet of real natural food would work for us. We decided we needed to learn how to eat healthy and naturally. Image
We both were affected by those documentaries that showed what processed food is made from and how the food industry is treating our meat. If you want to know what I am talking about please watch Food Inc. It will anger you though, so be prepared. Brad and I have decided to eat only organic meat and we have decided not to eat anymore processed foods. So this means no more eating out, and no more eating things with something in it I can’t pronounce. If I don’t recognize it without looking it up, I am not eating. I am so upset about this food problem I have been toying with the idea of trying to help the movement somehow. I think for now I have a lot on my plate so to speak just trying to be healthier so I will only have to blog about it.
This is an example of what I am talking about

Can you believe that they even have to worry about banning arsenic in our chicken feed. They are feeding our food poison. This is a dire problem. Brad and I are starting to put out money towards fixing the problem. I know organic is more expensive. However, I have some logic to bust out on those of us trying to lose weight. Think about how much it costs for a family of four to eat at McDonald’s. Lets say two combos and two happy meals, and that is being conservative now a days. That is like twenty dollars. You can buy frozen Brussels, an organic chicken, and a bag of couscous for that price, and lets not even talk about the medical bills you are saving down the road. Think about how much we waste as well. If we only buy what we need, and if we plan better we can pretty much cut even.
The other thing that Brad and I had to realize is that we need to start nourishing ourselves. We really need to start thinking about food as something we treat ourselves too, like vitamins. I am in no way arguing that we should only eat for fuel. I am too Italian for that. I am just saying it is not a treat to get fast food, or convenience food. Tony’s Pizza is not a treat. A treat is a healthy meal cooked with reverence and joy. When you take great care in preparing what goes into your body it feels special. One of my favorite meals of my life was mushroom risotto I prepared in my kitchen with my husband. We took turns stirring and pouring in the broth. It was the most lovingly prepared food.
I have noticed now that Brad and I are preparing all our meals at home that the days don’t just go by unnoticed. You must know what I mean. It can get so easy for Brad and I to get into a routine. We wake up I get into the shower, he gets breakfast, I go to work, come home, eat food in front of the TV. Days run into days. I know I can’t be the only one that has done this, fallen into this horrible time sucker of death. So now, it is wake up and have breakfast together at the table. We have conversation instead of rushing around taking the food with me and shoving a breakfast sandwich in my mouth. When I do this, when I have breakfast with my husband it makes the day feel special already. The time stretches so that it doesn’t feel like the only thing taking up my day is work.
When I get home from work we take a walk and then we prepare our dinner together, talking, chopping, and giggling, and sometimes we even dance ala’ big chill style. Yes we are two chubby people in a small kitchen dancing and cooking, savor that mental image. We then sit down, discuss our food and our day and enjoy each other. I think it feels very European, and it reminds me of a time when we were dating. It is luxurious and I feel necessary to a healthy life for me.

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