Kelly’s ideas for finding joy

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”

― Alice Walker, The Color Purple

My Friend Kelly

I had a meeting with a very dear friend of mine Kelly. She is one of the kindest hearted people I know. I contacted her because of my new getting healthy initiative. I was getting over being sick, and Brad and I had been eating healthy and I felt no stress. I knew when I went back to work I would fall into old habits because of stress, so I wanted to talk to her because we are so similar. I really felt because we work together, we both struggle with being healthy, we both have husbands that do too, and our history is similar, that she would provide me with some support and suggestions.

She did. My discussion with her did just what I thought it would. It made me feel better and excited to do more. I asked Kelly what she did to motivate herself. I asked her what helped her find the joy in everyday when we have no choice but to be where we are. I am sure about 50-60 percent of the people who read blogs are in the same circumstance. Most people didn’t dream of being a customer service rep, or a factory worker, or ditch digger, but people have to do those jobs. I want to get a discussion going about how you find joy doing these jobs. I want to find the joy in my everyday life. I want to feel blessed. I mean, think about this for a minute, there are people who live in poop filled shacks, and have no food to eat, but I am not happy? Why am I not kissing the ground, thanking the Lord everyday for my existence? I am ungrateful and I need to learn to be grateful. I need to learn like Celie, to enjoy and celebrate The Color Purple. How do you do that?

Kelly, the beautiful, she told me when she first started working here in the Boise Valley she wanted to buy a house, her first house. So what she did was she put a picture of the house she wanted to build on her computer and when any call got stressful she would look at that picture and remind herself of the goals that she had. I love this idea. It is visual, it is emotional, and I too have dreams. I am going to cut up some pictures of all the places I want to travel and I am going to paste them all over my computer. This will bring me hope and a purpose. I mean, yes, eating, air-conditioning, and a nice home are all the basic utilitarian reasons I work, but those aren’t really the fun reasons. This will be more fun to dream about. Daydreaming, that’s an idea and a coping mechanism I can get behind!!

Kelly also asked me if I took delight in those people who are really happy when I am done helping them. We then over our coffees regaled all the examples of people who were just overjoyed with our work. Kelly told me of an elderly couple who were so happy they wrote an email to her supervisor. I told her about a guy that was so happy, he asked if I could make rainbows, asserting that if I could help him with this I must be that magical! I think this is a great practice. So many times I am turning around in my seat telling everyone about that frustrating customer, the one that called me names etc. Why aren’t I regaling all the good in humanity? I need to keep recounting all these stories. Focus on the good, not the bad.

I love these suggestions. I am going to put them into practice. Kelly and I still think this just isn’t good enough. I want ultimate joy. I want to wake up in the morning excited about my day, like I am on the weekends. I need to not be rolling around in the culture of self sacrifice that I am used to, God wants me to be happy right? Otherwise he wouldn’t have created those beautiful purple flowers.

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