We are making up with exercise!

Yesterday, I went swimming with one of my best friends, Gookie. This man was the best man at our wedding. We have been making so many changes in our lives that we surprised Gookie yesterday. We went swimming for about an hour and then after wards we were talking and I asked him to show us some soccer moves at my “getting healthy party.” He did a double take.
He said, “If you want me to I will teach you soccer.”
I looked at my husband in disbelief saying, “Um, didn’t I just say I wanted him to teach me soccer.”
Gookie said, “I am just surprised, YOU would want to know about soccer.”
Brad said, “Yeah, it freaked me out we ordered sports equipment.”
My husband is talking about the volleyball/badminton set we bought and the inner tubes and tires for our bikes. We are being very proactive about our physical exercise. Never before have we had so many opportunities to like exercise. We are going to try everything we once liked. We are going to try for a childhood again. I don’t mean the adolescence that we once had with exercise. No, before exercise was a cruel punishment inflicted on us by others. This adolescence we are going to play with exercise, only doing the kinds we find enjoyable. We are going to delight and use exercise to be sociable. I think this tactic is the only one that will work for people like us. People who have been on the outs with exercise for some time. We are making up with it, flirting with it if you will.
I am of the mind that you shouldn’t do anything that isn’t enjoyable. What is the point? I will lose the weight the same way I gained it, loving life.
So the plan is to plunge into any pool possible. Gookie has invited us to go to his pool every Sunday and possibly Wednesdays. My friend Christine invites me sometimes to her pool on Fridays. We are going to bicycle other days, and lastly we now have volleyball and badminton to play.
I am very excited this is working out so well. I am proud of us, slowly we are making our way to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is just one part of that. Tell me how you like to exercise. What is fun for you?

2 thoughts on “We are making up with exercise!

  1. It’s interesting because growing up I disliked exercise for different reasons. I often was made to feel weak and unmanly, my abilities with sports not coming overnight and thus making me useless.
    But I knew being healthy was important. It’s one of the few things my Mom really hit hard on while we were growing up. Being healthy is important!
    So I started to discipline myself to exercise more. I didn’t really enjoy it at first, but now I’ve reached a point where if I miss more than a week at the gym I start to freak out.
    I’m probably in the best shape of my life thus far and it’s only going to continue improving as I stay consistent. I enjoy jogging and weight lifting immensely and make a point to do sit-ups and push-ups more often now. Running during a warm day when the sun isn’t blasting and the breeze is just right is so refreshing!
    Looking forward to the health party!

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