The blogger forgot to take pictures

Have you ever had so much fun that you forgot to take pictures? This weekend I had my health party. When I was sick, I looked forward to this party. This party was my way of pulling myself out of the pain. I was almost worried that I had looked forward to it too much. You know how you look forward to a movie and because of that you have all those expectations, it stinks because it doesn’t live up. Well, my party lived up to all my expectations and then busted past them.

So many of my friends arrived with creative healthy dishes, I was really nervous because my oven fried chicken was going about 20 minutes too late. However, all my guests just set up the table with all their dishes down the middle. It looked like we had one of those medieval spreads. I said, “the only thing missing is my turkey legs…ah ha ha.”

I made the oven fried chicken, which really didn’t work out so well. I don’t know what it is, the inside was moist, but I can’t get the outside to crisp nice. The outside was all soggy and loose. The cool thing about my friends is they just schloffed it off and ate the inside and told me how delicious it was. I also made Emeril’s Roasted veggie recipe. It was delicious.

What was cool is Christine made couscous, and it went really good with the veggies I made. Fonda made baba ghanoush. I have had that before at many times and this one was the yummiest. She said it was easy. Maybe I can get her to give us the recipe. She also made fried tofu, a great salad with cranberries, and one of my new favorite things to eat taboule. Chuk and Diana made a fruit salad, and Gary did too, but they were totally different and both were eaten down to the glass they were served on. The most surprising was our resident bachelor; Kasey brought an amazing pizza with whole wheat pizza crust, cream cheese, and like a million veggies piled on top. It was unusual and gone before everyone got a piece. That’s how awesome it was. When I get all these recipes I will share.

Even though I only took about a spoonful of each dish, my plate was overflowing. I chowed down and I am pretty sure everyone else did, but no one felt sick or stuffed. We all marveled at how we were full, but not ill.

Afterwards we went out into the yard, and some of us played badminton, even Grandma. Some of us hung out in the house because it was so hot, but for the most part we were outside all of us watching the game. While some of us played badminton, others filled up the water balloons for volleyball. My friend Gary told us about this game where two people take a towel and snap it in order to throw it over the net and someone on the other side tries to catch it with their towel. It was fun and a comedy of errors.

After that we all took turns playing volleyball, which to my surprise is amazing cardio. I was sweating my make up off. I get this instant hatred of sweat which I will explain in a future post, but everyone was sweating. We put the volleyball net in one of the only two spots that we could but it ended up in the heart of the sun. We talked about moving it several times but ended up waiting for the sun to ignore us. It was a lot of laughing at our mistakes and foibles. As a group of writers and our loved ones, it wasn’t as if any of us were Olympic athletes. However, I was impressed with how well everyone played the game. All of my friends showed incredible energy and athleticism, but what was wonderful is the encouragement and lighthearted mood everyone supported. We all were having a brilliant time.

The most exhilarating part for me is when we ran through the sprinklers. In the middle of the hot sun, the cold water was a shock. Fonda, Christine and I all ran through and jumped like we did as kids. It was a blast skipping, running, and even doing some vague balletic moves, in an attempt to be silly. When I got done, I was so soaked it seemed I had pee’d my pants.

All these things we did were great and there was talk of making it a monthly thing, at different places and doing different activities. What was really wonderful, was our friends and family chose to come and support our health and encourage us to take the next step. We felt loved in a deep warm way, which will encourage us to take responsibility for our lives, not just for us, but for those who love us.

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