Overcoming Slack Ass Syndrome

Next Olympic Hopefuls?
What do you think?

It is no secret that I love swimming. The cool water skimming my skin is refreshing and it always brings me joy. I love how young and playful the exercise feels. I love doing flips in the shallow end and doggy paddling in the deep end. That’s what is so great about swimming, when going with friends, even if they are just wanting to relax and sit on the side of the pool I can still chat with them while exercising. I can do the jazzercise thing on the side or doggy paddle next to where they are and hear everything. I take time while they are zenning out to swim laps. My favorite stroke is the side stroke or the back stroke, both you can swim while breathing normal. I am a bit uneven on the side stroke, preferring my right side usually. I am trying to perfect my freestyle. For some reason I just can’t get the breathing thing down. When I come up for air it is like I am having an epileptic seizure. I end up almost standing in the pool because my head comes up so far, and my hands and feet are flailing and I am gasping for air.  So then I have to retry to get into a rhythm, and I am still trying to build up arm strength.

This is where I am at on my fitness plan. I am trying my best to get in the pool whenever I can. I have set up a rule for myself that if I am going to lose weight, I have to enjoy it. I should only do exercises that I enjoy. If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do anything.

As with any exercise program though, there are still times when I don’t feel like moving at all. This weekend was one of those weekends. Friday I went out to eat at a chain restaurant, where they serve almost chinesy food. I won’t say its name here because I am pretty sure it made me sick. I went to a movie showing at a friend’s house of the original Batman with Michael Keaton. Luckily my friend Kasey has his large screen in the garage because that night I farted up a storm. The next day I had diarrhea and I felt sick all over my body. I ended up sleepy or lying down the rest of the day. I was kind of disappointed not just because I was sick, but I missed playing badminton and volleyball with my friends. The next day, I was still feeling crappy. I woke up at ten and my husband made me breakfast and then we sat down to watch a movie, and I fell asleep. I was dead to the world. Brad woke me up at one because our swim club meets at two. I pushed the snooze even. He woke me up again at one thirty. I was groggy and I was creaky.  My stomach still wasn’t calm, and I had craters under my eyes. I got off the couch were I was taking my nap, and with each slow step I creakily made it to my room. I stood there for a while staring at my swim suit really wanting to go back to bed.

My friend Gookie called, and asked, are we still swimming. I paused, but then I said, yes. I did it. I went swimming. I have to tell you something that I sort of hate to admit. I felt so much better afterwards. I had more energy, and my body wasn’t creaky. I wasn’t groggy anymore. Admittedly I was still a little slow moving, but my body felt like it was repairing itself. Also hanging out with my friends Gookie and Matt, and my husband Brad was repairing to my soul. So I guess what they say about exercise is true. Just, don’t tell my Mom I said that.


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