Brad’s Doc Appointment


I go to the doctor all the time. Between my insulin resistance, PCOS, acid reflux, and sleep apnea, I have a lot to go to the doctor for. My husband however, never wants to be around other humans, especially not the ones that like to poke and prod him in the investigative manner. Finally now that we are married and he is on my insurance, he had no excuse. I called and made an appointment for him. My husband is extremely lucky. He doesn’t have any of the problems I do, except the sleep apnea, and the only problems, as of now, is high cholesterol. Now that is not a laughing matter, but considering he too is overweight, it could be a lot worse. Now my Grandma’s doc told her that being overweight, it doesn’t matter who you are eventually you are going to get diabetes. This doctors visit is I think shining a light in my husband’s eyes too. Dr. Baxter a.k.a. the bad ass doctor spent nearly an hour with my husband asking him questions about how we eat and what we do for exercise.

She told him a startling fact. If you want to keep your current weight you exercise a half hour; if you want to lose weight you exercise an hour a day. Ba humbug. That just really is too intimidating for words. An hour a day. What? I don’t even get to talk to my husband for an hour a day some days. It seems extreme, and I don’t even know if I can do that outside of a pool now. I might pass out and die.

Here has what has been happening and where we are falling short. Lately we have only been working out twice a week, when we are given access to a pool and mostly on the weekends. During the week we eat really well, three square organic meals and the low calorie snacks. However on the weekends we suck. So here is our week, Monday through Friday eat right and don’t exercise. Then on Saturday and Sunday we work out both days swimming but then eat a plate of cookies together and fall asleep. Hello insulin overload. So this isn’t working. We need structure. We need goals. We need prayer.

We have been talking and decided that in addition to the big goals we are going to set daily goals as well.  For instance, instead of just saying I want to be down a certain weight by January. I am going to every day write down…

  1. Don’t eat out today
  2. Eat under a certain calorie count
  3. Have more fiber, and eat 6 servings of veggies
  4. Refill your water bottle three times
  5. Exercise today
  6. Journal your food

Of course I will do this with some other goals like writing and house hold crap, but I think causing it every day to come up at least once in my mind is something that has to happen for me to be successful. I suck at the everyday. I need to do something drastic, and this might be it.

4 thoughts on “Brad’s Doc Appointment

  1. Mandy

    Is there a track nearby you can walk around? I’m a ritual type exerciser, I like doing the same thing every time. So tracks work for me. Also, they’re softer on your joints. And I know you hate sweating but you could carry a sweat rag. No one cares if you sweat on the track. And it’s good b/c you know exactly how much distance you’re going. Start with one lap and work up to two, three, etc. Just an idea. Maybe just try it and see if you hate it.

  2. Yeah, we have been walking at parks here. I don’t even know where a track is…lol I want to go riding bikes. I am pretty sure they are fixed now. So we are going to start that. I think ritual is really good. I think that is a good idea, to make it a ritual.

  3. Mandy

    Bike riding is great. Are you totally opposed to stationary bikes? That’s what I use when I need to work out but I am sooo tired. With a stationary bike you can sorta relax and sit back while burning calories. It’s a good start anyway. They probably have them at the ymca.

  4. We are hoping to get into an apartment with a gym, and I think that will be nice to just walk down to use the eliptical or the stationary bike. Right now we are just riding around the neighborhood because it is free and fun to see all the houses etc.

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