Small Changes, yeah right!!!

New hair to help the new attitude…hopefully.


My natural Dad died at 54, they believe it was a heart attack that made him wreck his car. My Mom had a heart attack around 49. She is alive, but you can imagine what implications this has for me. My Grandma had a heart attack.  I mean genetically I inherited the heart poor house. That can’t possibly be too good. Add to that my smoking and that I am overweight. If I don’t do something, and soon…

Women’s Health this month is calling for its readers to make small changes every day, and then those small changes will accumulate to something that changes your life. I feel like I have been doing that, but it hasn’t been working for me. I make one change like drinking three water bottles a day. I get down that three bottle a day habit, and then try to set up six servings of veggies a day, and then my three bottles a day habit goes to ….well you know. I am really frustrated with my lack of commitment to anything really. I need a kick in the butt, and some sort of awareness of myself. I need a daily shock to my system that would keep me aware of my goals. You would think all these accumulated dangers to my heart would affect my emotions, or logically change my habits.

The thing I have found in contradiction is that people (like myself) care more about the health of others than themselves. I mean, I worry constantly about my Mom and my other Dad who has cancer and diabetes. My siblings want to have an intervention because those two won’t take care of themselves properly. I think, who am I to tell them what to do, when I can’t do it myself.

I need an overhaul, a complete and MAJOR revamp. I know people say take it slow and you will get overwhelmed if you do too much etc. I am not most people though. I am a person who thrives doing three things at once. I am a multitasking, work while going to school dynamo.  I think I need to refresh my life and stop listening to how other people do it and do it how I feel good doing it.

Advice is good, and I read constantly so I get a lot of advice, but eventually you have to do what you think will make you successful. I need a way to make my efforts everyday efforts. So I have decided to make a daily checklist of the goals I have to do every day. This is my manifesto.

1.      I will eat fish twice a week.

2.      I will only eat potatoes once a week.

3.      No white pasta or white bread at all.

4.      I will not eat anything that wasn’t grown or raised.

5.   Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes.

6.   Going to eat within my food allotment every day.

7.   I will not smoke a cigarette.

8.   I will brush three times a day and floss.

9.   I will enjoy time being with my husband, and show him thanks for it.

10. I will write down everything I eat every day.

11. I will drink 3 bottles of water.

12. I will have at least one vegetarian meal a week.

13. I will submit to one poetry journal a week.

14. I will work on my writing at least two days a week.

I am going to read this list every morning to keep it fresh in my mind what I need to do. Please pray for me to be successful.

2 thoughts on “Small Changes, yeah right!!!

  1. Mandy

    These are great goals. I like the idea of reading the list every day. I am praying for you Danielle! I really am, even though some days I’m an atheist. On atheist days I will just send you good energy through the universe. Cool? Good luck and please stay strong!

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