Help a girl out

What brings me happiness? Is happiness Spoon Fed? Well I am sorry to say, yes, sometimes it is. In the fifteen years I have lived in Boise, I have not forgotten the joy I derived from the French Silk pie from Village Inn in Topeka, Kansas. I have tried many pies since then; of the famous and not so famous persuasion, but still nothing has brought that joy to me like Village Inn’s French Silk pie. The flaky sort of dry crust, the chocolate layer that is pure chocolate, no waxy aftertaste, no darkness , just smooth unadulterated pudding/mousse the perfect cool denseness that melts in your mouth slowly. It is topped with whipped cream that is thick and creamy and not to sweet, but not void of sweetness. I could write ode’s to this pie.

I don’t know if the magic of the pie is from its actual consistency, or if it is because of the time of my life that I consumed this pie. I remember it ravaged with coffee during late night talks with my best friend. Her laughter beguiling me into the night, and the freedom we felt out of school and able to travel on our own recognizance. We were in that sweet spot where your freedom outweighed your responsibility. Were you laughed more than you talked about what was to come, or what had come before.

I remember this pie, while reuniting with a friend after a relationship I was in ended in disaster. It gave me the courage to apologize for the abuse he put up with from the person I was in the relationship. I spent many more nights with that pie, regretting that relationship.

More often than not I am reminded of my emotional attachment to food, specific foods. There is a sort of chart in my mind: chocolate soaks up sadness, French fries anger, and the like.  Of course this sort of thinking isn’t good for me. I don’t think turning it around would help either, Brussels sprouts soaking up sadness? So I supposed coping in a different way would be better.  Part of the emotional rehabilitation I am hoping to put myself through is to figure out another way to make me feel better. What is the proverbial sugar medicine I need to take to make myself feel good, and why do I need that? Sometimes there are reasons you feel sadness and desperation and you can’t change them, you just have to wait them out. How do you cope with them without the standard vices? I want to self soothe as they say from the children’s books. So I am starting to think of all the things that soothes the Danielle’s soul.

What soothes you? I don’t mean just saying small things like chocolate, music, films, or books. How do they soothe, and what is it that soothes?  I am going to get specific, please you do too.

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