One Enchanted Evening

So I was pretty down about my diabetes diagnoses and was talking to an old friend at work. She is a wonderful friend who also has had struggles with her weight. She has been a lot more successful than I am, and has understood this diabetic thing way before I did because her husband Jon is diabetic. They are both lovely people and care about Brad and I. Through tears I invited my friend to dinner. I was desperate for any help and understanding. I needed guidance and the kind of camaraderie that only someone who struggles with the same thing can give. I don’t think that I truly understood that at the time. It was really dark in our house. I know I had cried several times and I figure Brad had wanted to several times.  I was reaching for anything to make me feel better.

I think the first thing that made me feel better that night is that I made a really delicious and healthy dinner. It wasn’t that the dinner made me feel good. It was making dinner that made me feel competent. I made the Barefoot Contessa’s Roasted Chicken. If you haven’t made it, it is delicious and juicy. That woman knows her chicken, but you have to figure that because her husband requests it every week. It is very juicy. I think the trick is that you put fruit and garlic in the cavern of the chicken. I added carrots, onions, oranges, and fennel in the roaster around the side. I then put the spices and the butter on the chicken and under the skin. This preparation along with the Quinoa and Martha Stewart’s Brussels sprouts prep kept me not thinking about myself for a good hour. Not only that but the other preparation you do when friends are coming, like cleaning the bathrooms and dusting the tables. You never realize how selfish you have been until you do something for someone else. Taking great care in meal preparation that day made me realize I had been very self involved. It is understand able, getting bad news can make anyone take time for what Grandma calls “the blues.” It is really self indulgent. When I was coming out of it, I realized how much of a pity party I was having. It is the equivalent of going outside when you have been in a dark room.

My friends came to dinner and it was like old times, we laughed and told stories through dinner and marveled at the wonderful chicken, really it was good. Jon and I talked books for a long time because we share a love of reading. Kelly and I talked about scrapbooking and work. We talked about so much. It was delightful and engaging. Brad and I felt a weight lift out of our lives. It was just a fun evening. Kelly and Jon are just wonderful and they were light hearted and fun too.

They also came armed with information. Jon made me feel so much better about my medication. I had so much anxiety trying to shoot myself with the medication. My doc hadn’t told me anything, but the pharmacist made it seem really complicated. Jon had classes at Humphries Diabetes center. He showed me how easily he did it. Man that was a load off my mind.

They told us about miracle noodles which are a no carb noodle. There is a web site where you can purchase them, and I will be reviewing them later for you.

They also told us about a program that Jon had a good luck getting his sugars down called The Blood Sugar Solution. They explained all the things good and bad about the diet and showed us all the recipes. While I don’t think I will do that program for a while, it sounded like an enjoyable way to get the blood sugar down. I think I will do it eventually. Right now I am still figuring out my diabetic life. Once I do, once Brad and I get it down we will be looking to be more specific.

I have thanked them for that night but I still don’t think that they realize how wonderful it was. I had never really felt such relief. I was in such a state. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I felt as if my life would not be happy for a while. Kelly and Jon showed us it would be. I know we would have come to it on our own eventually, but the fresh air they brought into our home couldn’t have come at a better time.

One thought on “One Enchanted Evening

  1. Danielle my dear I’m sorry your having such a time.You just gave me a lil imfo that might help another,about your age my cousins son.The doc told us the other day he’ll not make it another trip to hosp. He’s in the ketoacidosis and that is bad bad, can you send me the miracle noodle site? you look so much like grama in your pic.We love you remember the exersize any at all will help with your db.not judging i’m a falling down woman withcrippling arthritis and it’s scary how fast it’s progressing,tell grama my fingers are way worse than grama Lillian’s.I hate it I still try to do things,then I get upset cause I can’t.Then somedays I just stay in bed,then I get upset cause I do that. What am I to do,but keep on keeping on.I love you aunt sharron

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