My New Nic Stick

The high end vapes


I am very excited because I have finally quit smoking for good! I know, it sounds too good to be true. A lot of my friends and family usually roll their eyes into their head when I say this. I mean they give me a roll it up deep, look inside your brain, roll of the eyes. I have been smoking a pack a day since 1994. I have quit approximately one hundred times.  I have tried the gum, the patch, smoke away, the step down method, and a myriad of other things. I didn’t want to quit bad enough I guess, and maybe I didn’t really want to now, but as you know….

Dr. Baxter just gave me too many bad looks at my last appointment. Not only was I not checking my blood sugars, I was still smoking. I got the scrunched nose burrowed eyes of disappointment. I knew at the next appointment that I wanted to not get that face. She recommended that I start vaping. I had heard about this before but since I have had so little success with other cessation methods I had tossed the idea aside. She says that the vape liquid has only five chemicals where as just the cigarette paper has over twenty. Now that is impressive.

If you have never heard of vaping, let me explain. It is basically an electronic smoking device. It has a battery, and an attachment that holds the liquid which is flavored nicotine. There are hundreds if not thousands of flavors. I went a week and a half ago to the Vape shop called Variety Custom Vaper on Broadway Avenue here in Boise. It’s motto is “Make a habit a hobby.” That right there almost made me turn around….corn balls guys….corn balls. However, that motto is something a lot of smokers have done. There are people I have seen on the web that have tackle boxes full of vaping supplies. It is a full blown hobby akin to the likes of cigar smokers, maybe even more intense. Some people leave the house with a backpack full of stuff for their vaping pleasure. I personally haven’t got into it that much, but my mom seems to think that I am too enthusiastic for it. I have been trying to get her to try it too, because I am so excited.

My favorite Vape Store

 It started when I tasted the peach vape through my red vape. My nic stick as I call it, is a beautiful shade of maroon. You can get them with many designs including fake diamond encrusted, but I felt that would just get to dirty with my grubby hands on it all the time. Mine is pretty simple. I feel it is classic looking. There were about sixty flavor of vape at my vape store to choose from.

Half the flavors you can try for free. I love free samples

What I found out when I sat down there to try it was that the experience is similar to smoking. The nic stick simulates that intake and sort of hot air thing on the back of the throat. It fills your lungs with the “steam” that is laced with nicotine, and when you blow out there is a visual that really does make it seem like you are smoking. It gives you the deep breathing, it gives you the nicotine, and you can even use it in places you can’t smoke. I bought peach, Irish latte, pina colada and fairy floss which is cotton candy flavored.

An aside: If you are in the Boise area, this shop is so nice. The guys walk you through every step of your vaping needs. They are very knowledgeable and patient. They explain all the different batteries, and tanks. They put it together for you the first time. They also allow you to try all the flavors, and it is all very hygienic.

I don’t plan on making this a hobby for the long term. I plan on using the nic stick to be done with nicotine already. There are different strengths of nicotine you can get: 24, 18, 12 and then no nicotine. I want to gradually step that down, but even if I wanted to keep this going it wouldn’t be that bad. I have already noticed my skin is better and I am coughing less. I am so happy because I feel as if this is finally the way I am going to be free of smokes.

I got a red one like these!

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