The Second Doctors appointment

Dr. Baxter

My doctor, as I have said before, is a bad ass. She gets things done, and has probably saved my life and sanity. She cured me of my horrifying headaches I was having for like a year by sending me to a sleep specialist. I went to many doctors who didn’t know what was wrong. Dr. Baxter had me an appointment within hours. I was cured within a week. So I feel as if I owe her. She also has a countenance that makes me feel like I can’t bullshit her either, not that I would. My appointment when she gave me the Victoza and got onto me about my blood sugar that I wasn’t testing, was a real eye opener for me. She scowled a lot. I am not saying that I made changes to please her because I didn’t but she scared the poop out of me. She really gave me some dire looks as if I could kick it tomorrow. Not only that but she was visibly pissed at me. Both of those things made me really want to do better. That night I went home and cried. Her sense of urgency made me realize what I was doing. Also, if someone who I have only met with three or four times cared this much about my health, why don’t I?

So as you know after that appointment I have been trying super hard. I have lost about fourteen pounds, and I quit smoking. I was super excited for my next appointment. I don’t know if I expected a gold star or a party, or what. I know she was pleased, and she said as much. She said good job and all that. What surprised me was that she still wasn’t that happy. She was disappointed we haven’t exercised since the pool closed. I felt as if I were defending Brad and I at first. Then I realized that I knew clearly what Brad and I were doing. I felt confident in the way I was living my life this month.

We have literally been working our butts off. We had made lists, wrote down what we ate, tabulated what we ate, and stressed about it. I had worked so hard on it that I actually quit smoking and lost weight for heaven sakes. I had done all I could handle. I was confident in my choices, where as when it came to my health; I had never felt that before. When I realized that, it felt good.

So even in the face of the interminable Dr. Baxter, I knew my plan would work. As soon as I explained to her that we were adjusting slowly. When I explained to her how we have turned the house upside down working on this and promised that the exercise would come later she nodded and moved on. I felt as if I had a clear idea of what was doing for my health for the first time.

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