My inspiration for losing weight- TUBING


I am on a quest to lose weight. With any goal I think it helps to realize the benefits that will come about when I accomplish my goal. I know there are regular reasons to lose weight like to get healthy, and look good in clothes but I would like to be more specific. I recently read an article where a woman was describing how she quit drinking, and what was most motivating to her was the way she looked healthy. She didn’t want to be red veined and old looking anymore. I think for me there are so many reasons to lose weight. I am going to create a vision board for you and I to gaze upon. Every week I am going to discuss with you another reason why I want to lose weight. Hopefully being reminded once a week of a reason I want to lose weight will ignite my fervor even more. If you want to get healthy maybe this will remind you too.

I want to go tubing. I know that sounds ridiculous. However, I live in a winter wonderland. I live in the land of ice and snow. I know I will never go skiing or snowboarding because I have enough trouble walking. Snow shoeing, that is a little too ambitious, but tubing that is right up my alley, except there is a weight limit. I will just say I am over that weight limit. For those who don’t know what tubing is: it is where they put you on this HUGE tube and throw you down the mountain. Those of you reading from Oklahoma, this is an actual mountain, not those hills by the overpass. The reason there is a weight limit is because they use these cables to pull the tubes with people in them. It looks like the ultimate fun, and I have always wanted an excuse to go up to Bogus and hang out there. Bogus Basin is our mountain here, and I have been up there in the summer just to look around and the views are amazing.

I guess that I also just want to do it because I should be able to. I don’t mean I want to prove anything but I really believe that I can get down to the weight limit and experience this. This is motivating to me. You can’t keep me off that mountain. I am tired of watching all my healthy friends put on the big puffy clothing with glee and drive up there without me. I will go and tube and then snow bunny it at the bar, and celebrate. I can see me now at the bar in my new snow pants, and snow boots, pink probably, sipping on a hot buttered rum and chuckling about something that happened up there. I probably fell off or screamed while pummeling down the mountain. In Garden Valley there is a yurt with food and drinks. I always wanted to see the inside of a yurt!  This image will get my through my lunch time walk tomorrow or maybe it will be the image I conjure when I pass up some chocolate cake tonight.

Please if you have something specific that you are holding onto to help you lose weight, let us all know in the comments here.

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