My Remedial Health Studies

I even walked in the rain!

This week has been another rough week with exercise, but I am excited and proud of myself that I have exercised more this week than ever. I have been walking almost every break and lunch around downtown and having fun doing it. What has been motivating me is that I pick a store around downtown and then I walk to it. I have checked out The Record Exchange, Piece Unique, Anthropology, Swank, Urban Outfitters, and Precious Metal Arts. I may have forgotten some, but I am walking all around downtown.

What could be considered weird is when I reach these stores I try to keep my heart rate up, so I bounce a little and move back and forth. It was particularly disturbing in the art gallery I visited that had wooden floors, because everywhere I went I awkwardly released the groaning and squeaking of the old boards. I quickly left the building. The other place I made a spectacle of myself was a certain boutique where the shoes are around two hundred-ish dollars, and the sizes of the clothes are only up to maybe, maybe size ten. I made a beeline to the jewelry which I didn’t really like and then the shoes, but as I was leaving I tripped down the stair out of the place. It was really embarrassing. I am sure that it looked ridiculous from inside the store. I did a slight splits or what could be called an extreme lunge off the step and then immediately righted myself. I don’t think Jim Carrey and all his elastic limbs could have pulled this off.

I find myself making mistakes on my way back too. If I don’t concentrate on my walking on the way back I can trip and really hurt myself. I am still recovering a little from my falling down and that was a couple of weeks ago. I am proud in that I am getting farther and farther on lunch but then the bad part is I have to go farther on my way back. I am gaining strength and speed which is totally awesome. But the joke is, I have to work a lot harder.

I am relying on my gut to tell me when I work out and when I don’t. I get aches and pains and sometimes they are too much. My husband sometimes even has to tell me to stop. I have never trusted my judgment before because I have always been told exercise is supposed to hurt. “No pain, no gain,” has been a mantra I have heard since I was young. I don’t think that is true. I never hear my friends who exercise talking about not being able to walk because their legs hurt, or being so sore that they needed to take muscle relaxers.

My earliest memory of exercise is a painful one. I was in grade school; I don’t remember the year. We were doing aerobics and I was crying because my ankles hurt. I don’t want to point fingers or lay blame, but every adult I talked to thought that I was just weak. They told me to buck up. Quit being a baby. Exercise is pain. This was what I was told, that I was just being weak.

So far, I don’t think that is the case. I am enjoying my walks. I am working up to longer distances and faster speeds. I just needed to be given a chance to do that. I am researching ways to strengthen my ankles which to this day still hurt. I am also trying to strengthen my arms. I am making great strides for me.

To all the parents out there, please, if you have a child who is physically challenged like I was, listen to them. If they say their ankles hurt, try to help them strengthen them and slow down. If I had been taken back to slower less strenuous exercise and been made to build myself up, maybe I would be having the success I am now. It is like those students who aren’t good at math. You don’t just shove more math at them. Instead you take them aside, and slow it down for them until they are able to move forward and catch up. This is something I think needs to be done with physical education too.

Talk about dark and stormy!

2 thoughts on “My Remedial Health Studies

  1. Jules

    Rock on! Even with a non-photogenic walk, you’re still running circles around someone still sitting on the couch! I also think it should only hurt if you’re down to 10% body fat and you’re just trying to sculpt your muscles 🙂

  2. Mandy

    I don’t know if you’re into this sorta thing, but a stationary bike is great when you have tired joints. There’s virtually no impact on your knees or ankles and since you’re sitting down you get less tired. I use the bike when my knees need a break.

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