Inspiration Everywhere

This February’s Self had an article that had Olympic athletes passing on their inspirational habits. There were a few that seemed like they were speaking right to me. I’d like to talk about them one at a time. Here is the first:

“Step outside yourself. I pretend somebody else is telling me why she can’t work out, eat right, or get out of bed. If I can say, “That makes sense,” then I cut myself some slack. If I can’t, I get moving.” –Elana Meyers, bobsledder

First off, I would like to say it is awesome she even has those thoughts. We are talking about an Olympic bobsledder who has won the World Cup medal, and an Olympic bronze medal. In my mind I always figured those sort of women hopped out of bed excited to do all these things, or at the very least did them on auto pilot. I never in a million years thought they had to talk themselves into it. This makes me feel like my problems could almost be universal. That is a relief in a way. I am not a weak human, just a normal one.

Secondly, it is a good idea to step outside yourself and think how you would feel if someone else was using the logic you are trying to employ to get out of the work out, or healthy eating. I might try to employ that, but upon further thinking I think that I might always agree with myself. I am of the agreeable sort.

The truth of the matter is I guess I haven’t been able to talk myself into working out if I didn’t want to. I am not much of a self talker.  I think there is a stubborn streak throughout my family and possibly all who hail from the state of Oklahoma.

I will really have to put my mind to this and get really into it for it to work. I will have to visualize talking to a real friend or relative for this to work, maybe my sister. I can usually talk her into doing some wild and crazy stuff. Now, when I try to talk OTHER people into doing things I am a wizard. My friends are always asking why I didn’t become a lawyer because I am pushy.  So maybe this can work. I will try it and get back to you. You try it too and tell me how it works.

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