The Big Mistake I Keep Making

Roasted Asparagus

If you haven’t roasted asparagus in the oven, do it now! Little olive oil, salt and pepper, for fifteen minutes, YUM!

I can’t stress this enough in my head and to my soul, falling off the wagon makes it so hard to get back on. I have to keep telling myself this. This is like a trap door that I keep forgetting is there. I walk across it every time. I feel foolish afterwards, I have bruises and scratches and for a while remember but then a month later, I am tricked by its allure again. I go walking that way and woops.

Here is what I think makes it even harder. If you feed yourself Taco Time nachos, crisp meat burrito, and a large mexi-fry one night and then the next night you try to feed it a chicken thigh and some asparagus, your tummy is saying WTF where is all that food I had last night. I am still farting it out to make room for all the food I was promised today.

Yes, this is a true life example. I had a really urgent craving for nachos and so we fell off the wagon. I super gorged on Taco Time, which was lovely for the thirty minutes it took to eat it. The tough part too, is after a major binge like that, the next day your tummy isn’t happy, especially when you binge on Mexican food. So for the next eighteen or so hours I felt lethargic, bloat-y, and tired. I can’t tell you how upset my tummy was because I want to not be indelicate. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time in the restroom and leave it at that. Just when I have flushed out the last of it, it seemed, it was dinner time again.

So exhausted from my body trying to get rid of the evidence I sit down to dinner with the hubby. He made delicious chicken thighs with roasted tomatoes and oven roasted asparagus. We sat down and ate together, and I have been trying to eat more slowly, but when it was over I was still hungry. I thought I will give it thirty minutes, like those diet people say to do. Nope, I was still hungry. Brad and I had some popcorn, still hungry. I was hungry until I went to sleep but had eaten my points and had to take it. I needed to re-shrink my tummy. I knew it had to be done.

I do it to myself sometimes. In the sixth month of this my life change I am realizing how bad it truly is to eat so much in one sitting. Brad even said when he went to bed how hard it was to retrain your tummy after gorging on tacos. I can’t do it again to myself. I need to not fall back on those habits. If I crave nachos, I will just eat nachos. I will put them in as points too. That night I let myself get off the reservation and paid for it the whole next day. Never again I cry with my fist in the air!!! Never will I ever allow myself to be allured by the smell of tasty food, and gorge myself. I will stick to the diet or it will make it worse for me. I hope I have learned my lesson.

One thought on “The Big Mistake I Keep Making

  1. Mandy

    Maybe you could make a promise to yourself that you only eat meals that you prepare yourself? Not sure if that would work for you but I’ve noticed that when I cook elaborate meals, just preparing and smelling the food I’m cooking satisfies my cravings before I eat anything. So maybe next time you crave nachos you could prepare them yourself instead of getting fast food. I think you’ll find that in the time it takes to prepare them, your cravings will be less intense by the time you eat. And there a lot of lowfat options for nachos, like you could use lowfat mozzarella and black beans, and you could even bake your own tortilla chips.

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