Another Reason to Lose Weight: No More Farmer Tans for Me

That’s the arm shot! You get a small glimpse of my wings there. You could float with those puppies. It isn’t just the boobs that make me buoyant!

I have useless arms. I mean I of course can type, feed myself, and do the various day to day things that any toddler can do. However, I can’t do a single push up, or open the pickle jar on my own. My poor husband gets massaged only fifteen minutes, tops. One of the reasons I want to work out and lose weight is to fix my puny arms.

I have this case for my phone called an Otter box. I can’t take it off my phone without my husband’s help. I didn’t think about it when I bought it. I just thought, I drop this phone a lot. My husband almost insisted on it because I am a menace on phones, but I can’t take this darn case off if I need to. I spilled coffee on the phone, and couldn’t take the case off to see if I got coffee on the inside. I had to wait until I got home.

It is slightly disturbing how weak my arms are, but what is worse is they must usually be covered. I don’t pay attention to social norms much, but I don’t like to wave my arm flaps around. I am like a bat with these wings. I mean truly it is one of the things I don’t like about myself. I just want my arms to be all the same surface level. I have little bags drooping under each pit. Not trying to disgust you, but be realistic. The last time my upper arms saw sunlight was my wedding day. Only because, I wasn’t going to let my ugly arms keep me away from my dream wedding dress.

These clothes are all made with sleeves. I have no tanks or sleeveless in here….only in the pajama basket.

So another reason for me to lose weight is buff arms. I don’t know if I will ever get to Madonna arms. But I want to wear sleeveless dresses, and lacy sleeved shirts. I want to open the pickle jar without my husband’s help. He shouldn’t control my pickles. Someday my arms will be free. I want a tan to reach my shoulders.  I want to reach up with fists victorious without being afraid my sleeves will fall down and show my webbed under pits. Mark my words, that day will come.

This is my first goal shirt. I used to wear this all the time and had many romantic outings with the hubby in this. I will return it into the rotation one day.

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