Inspiration Everywhere

Noelle Pikus-Pace Sochi 2014 Olympics
She won the silver!!!!! She is a Mom of two! What a badass!



This February’s Self had an article that had Olympic athletes passing on their inspirational habits. There were a few that seemed like they were speaking right to me. I’ve already talked about one, here is the second one:


“If I feel scared, I think of what I’m worried about and flip it on a positive thought. Instead of ‘What if I step on my sled?’ I say, ‘Keep your eyes focused on your feet.’”- Noelle Pikus-Pace

Pikus-Pace participates in the Skeleton. First thing I had to do what look Skeleton up. I had no idea what that could possibly be. Apparently that is where they ride a sled down a really long icy slop. FACE DOWN. That sounds super scary. So I am thinking this woman has balls of steel. I mean it is one thing that she is an athlete but she this seems like a really dangerous sport. That puts this quote in perspective for me. I like gutsy women and like to follow their advice.

This quote is how I have been feeling about most exercise, and I am guessing other people do to. I know Brad, my husband, did when we went to the gym. There are so many doubts that can go through people’s minds when losing weight. What if we turned them all positive like Pikus-Pace? Instead of saying What if people stare at me at the gym because I am fat, we thought I am gonna bring it at the gym so people will look at me with admiration. Instead of what if I get bored, we turned it around and said I am going to make my exercise fun. I guess this seems like common sense when you spell it out this way, but I can’t say I always do that. I can’t say that I think about it like that so logically. Fears come up so intensely sometimes that I almost can’t.

My fear is mostly failure. I don’t believe it is unfounded. You don’t get this chubby without failing at trying to lose weight. I haven’t been oblivious all this time. I have failed over and over again. If I focused on all those failures I would be paralyzed. Sometimes I am, sometimes like last week I give up for a night because of the feeling I get that it is all fruitless. I mean how pathetic is it to say I give up. I might as well enjoy my vices than live longer.  I realize the stupidity of it all, but emotions like pity and fear sometimes have no logic. When I am in that state it is hard to pull back, but maybe I need to have a planned logic that I use when this happens. Maybe I need to have something I say to myself. For instance, instead of I may fail, I will say I have planned for this. I will follow the plan.  

That can be my mantra. Brad and I have planned our meals as best we can. I have planned my exercise. We really have been more prepared this time than last time. I know that I have failed at so many things before and eventually been triumphant (college, quitting smoking.) I can do this. So my positive spin is going to be I have planned for this. I will follow the plan.

Do you have a positive spin you have put on your fears? Has it worked for you? Please share it here.

One thought on “Inspiration Everywhere

  1. Here goes: The devil has his head up his ass, which must be really painful given the horns and all. Hmmmm, not so positive. I’ll have to think about it. I have a couple big wins too, and as long a history of failure as you at least. Maybe I have to work on this. Lead the way!

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