Radiance Identified


February’s Prevention magazine had an article called, “Is this the Life You’re Meant to Live.” In it they ask ten questions of their readers, but the one that caught me off guard was “When have I felt the most radiant?” This question was so odd to me because I didn’t quite know what it meant. Radiant’s definition is sending out light, shining, or glowing brightly. I believe that is when you are so happy you are just sending out sunshine for people to love up.

Have you had a lot of moments like this? I mean that seems pretty exceptional, or is that just me? The idea of this exercise is to find out how to get there again, and maybe do whatever it is for a living.  So here is my list of radiant moments:

  1. My wedding day
  2. The day Brad took me to see Shoshone Falls
  3. My honeymoon
  4. Both my high school graduation and then college
  5. A particularly saucy date with Bradley. We went to a Greek restaurant, and comedy club and I looked super hot.
  6. When Brad and I first met, we would spend hours in the car holding hands and talking. Those days were some of the most magical of my life.
  7. Also, at night, in the cuddles, I feel radiant
  8. My poetry reading at the log cabin is the only one that doesn’t involve spending thousands of dollars to recreate (college) or romantic times or vacations.


What does it say about me: I like new experiences, romance, education, and to be the center of attention.  I think these were the happiest moments of my life. I made the mistake of asking my husband when he felt I was the most radiant. His responses where, “When we had sex in Newport, Oregon,” and “When you wear your glasses.”

I suppose radiance is subjective? According to him, I am only radiant when I were my glasses or have sex….hmmm. Do you think maybe he misunderstood? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Only that I feel radiant, right?

So while this tells me what I already know, that I enjoy accomplishing things in the field of writing, it also tells me what I need to do to be happier. I need to experience new things and keep snuggling up to my hubby.  More things to fit into my schedule! I need to do all these things more. None of these moments are particularly special. What I do know is either I accomplished something I was working on for a long time, or I was feeling particularly special and loved.

What makes you feel radiant?

2 thoughts on “Radiance Identified

  1. I love your vision of “radience: when you are so happy you are just sending out sunshine for people to love up.” I may say that to people and credit where I got it!

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