My New Favorite Thing

My favorite WYCWYC walking in the park

I discovered a new movement on Twitter. It is called “What you can, when you can.” #wycwyc The idea behind it is that you do the best you can and be happy with it. Mostly it is about fitness but I think it could be applied anywhere.  If you go to twitter and search for #wycwyc, there is a list of people telling what they did today.

The web that sponsors the movement says:

“Born from a longing to end perfectionist tendencies and the “start tomorrow” mindset, the #wycwyc movement reminds us doing what we can when we can is enough. There is no starting over, no magic day of the week, no throwing away the day. By doing what we can when we can we will reach our goals.

Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing and Incremental shifts add up to change over time.”

I am so empowered by this, mostly because I feel like I never do enough. Being extremely overweight has made me panicked more than once. I think I have so much to do. I gotta get started. An hour of exercise, carrots, celery, and cottage cheese are the only things on the menu. Of course this only lasts about a day if that. Then I am back to mainlining McDonalds and hitting the ice cream/brownie buffet. Then I am drowning my disappointment in gumdrops because it is disappointing. I think that’s the thing I can’t really explain fully. How gut wrenching it is when I fail.

Eating right and exercise is an elemental part of your life like sleeping, brushing your teeth or walking up stairs. At least that’s what society makes you feel like. If you can’t do this you must not have control of yourself. That makes me feel pitiful. Then I rebel and forget everything I want to do.

If there is no specific plan and I just try to do what I can when I can, then there really is no way to fail other than completely giving up. Whittling away at my goal a little every day, again, seems like the best most healthy way to lose weight.

Duckies, good motivation

My husband has been providing this bit of levity for me for a while, but until I found this I didn’t realize. Husband and I have just gotten back on a good feeding schedule. We have stopped eating out and are counting out weight watchers points. I was sitting at dinner with him talking about exercises we should do. Brad looked at me incredulously. He said, “We just got this food thing down do think we could cement that a little bit before we talk about exercise.”

Husband gets it. Hates exercise, but understands that I can do too much too fast. Creating habits-that is the goal, but also doing what I can and understanding that that is enough. I am enough. Everyone out there has struggles in one way or another and I want all of them to know you can do this. You are enough.

River views, lovely, peaceful, what more could you ask for on a walk?

One thought on “My New Favorite Thing

  1. I keep telling myself everyday to just keep going forward. Every step we take, is a step forward. It’s so hard at times not to beat myself up if I don’t workout as much as I think I should or maybe I ate something that wasn’t the greatest choice, but I know that like you, I have done what I was able to do for that day and to just keep going and do #wycwyc.

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