Some Ah Ha Moments Really Slap you in the Forehead


Some weeks I totally forget to feel guilty about not exercising. I do. I just go to work, come home, hang with husband, shop, eat, converse etc. I give no thought to exercise, at all. It is like exercise doesn’t exist. I have to say, it is a little freeing. I hate sweating so much. I have struggled with that for so long. So these weeks when my mind is free of the responsibility kind of fly by, but then the next week or month…blushes…I remember I haven’t exercised in a long time and the shame comes rushing back.

The weeks when I do remember that I should be exercising go like this. Wake up and start getting dressed, telling my husband, “Tonight we will exercise.” He replies with either a grunt or a very serious, “Oh, yeah, we should do that.” Cut to 8 pm when I get off and we look at each other with a mix of dread and impatience and decide to go home and couch it. There are many variations to this dance. Sometimes he picks me up and I am in tears. Sometimes he hasn’t slept well so he has a migraine. There are also hundreds of other reasons not to go sweat. Hundreds that I won’t list here…I bore and shame myself just thinking about them.

We did try to work out while watching TV, once. Once. It is sort of hard to watch TV over each others heavy breathing, okay, over my heavy breathing. Husband just looked at me with that look. It’s the look when your husband is doing something he doesn’t want to do, but can’t argue because it is the lesser of two evils. He is sort of stone faced, not smiling but not frowning per se. He just has the stern and disappointed look in his eyes that says, “I don’t know how you don’t see how lame this is.”


So, then there is this wonderful time of the year when my apartment complex starts busting out the lawn furniture. It is the most uncomfortable iron lawn furniture, but it surrounds the most wonderful part of the complex…the pool. We caught a glimpse of the guys hauling them out of storage as we were getting ready for work a week ago. Then we saw a note go up on the gym door saying the pool is closed. We watched it every day to see if it would go down, but no.

Then I sort of bugged my apartment complex management. I have stopped by to ask about the pool. They didn’t give me the exact day, just next weekend some time. Friday I was anxious to find out exactly. I texted my husband and asked him to call because I was working. He never responded so when my break finally came I called and left a message. They called me back and told me it would be open the next day! Then they told Brad again when he called.

We were in the water that day, and have been every day since. So I am kind of thinking…duh Danielle, do you think we should have access to a pool year round? I mean it sort of feels like a no brainer. Brad was also very excited to get in the pool, after months of pushing, plugging cajoling and motivating, to no avail. First day we can swim, we are ready and willing. Basically come August, I may have to sell things but husband and I are getting a gym membership with a pool. Apparently it is the only thing that is going to get us off the couch.


2 thoughts on “Some Ah Ha Moments Really Slap you in the Forehead

  1. Mandy

    I’m so happy you guys can swim again! Start looking for a gym now so you can go there as soon as summer ends. If swimming makes you guys so happy you should definitely make it part of your daily life.

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