The Nearly Impossible Traveler

vancouver and mexiblog 007
Husband and I in Vancouver sitting


Husband wants to go to London, and I want to go to Venice. These aren’t cities where I can go, sit around and get drinks poured for you. I don’t want to be sitting around when there are museums, castles, architecture, and book and film locations to check out.

We can walk a little but not very much. If there is shopping at the end of a walk I can go longer, but still not enough to hit a couple of museums a day. I think at the shape we are in we would get grouchy after walking around Buckingham Palace.

I don’t want to settle on just any restaurant because Brad and I are too tired to walk to the perfect risotto. Also, are there weight limits on gondolas? I can’t wait to ride in one with my husband. Also, all the best places, stores, and restaurants are off the beaten tourist paths? In our current state husband and I aren’t walking any paths. We certainly don’t have the stamina to just walk until we see something interesting.

I day dream about the day my husband drinks the perfect cup of tea that makes him smile in the most spirited way I have ever seen. I long to walk down narrow streets, hand in hand, shopping at markets and tiny book shops.

Tourism is mostly walking. Even taking public transportation you have to walk blocks upon blocks to get to it. When Brad and I were in Vancouver, I thought I was having a heart attack towards the end of the walk home from the sky train. There were so many hills. As I lay on the bed afterwards, I was holding my chest gasping for air. Brad said, “You’re fine.” I think he was also regretting not taking the car. Then he went to the bathroom and got me a cold wash cloth. I was cursing myself for not being in better shape.

On our walk in Vancouver
On our walk in Vancouver

In a world of water, I think I would be fine and weightless. I could go anywhere, but gravity is the bitch that gets me every day. Swollen ankles, aching calves, and a painful back are the worst part of me being so overweight. I think it is the worst part because it might keep me from my dream of experiencing all the places in my day dreams.

I think a lot of little girls from small towns want to visit large cities, different cultures, and see the world. I am not alone, but I may never be able to see more of the world if I don’t get a handle on my health. There is the ten hour plane ride, the diabetes that could get me before I raise the money, but mostly I think all the walking would be too much with all the weight I have piled on my five foot three frame. I have to lose weight if I want to live the dream. My passport stamps will be a reward for a healthy lifestyle.

A picture from the road - driving...that we can do!
A picture from the road – driving…that we can do!

4 thoughts on “The Nearly Impossible Traveler

  1. Mandy

    I think this is the best reason yet to get healthy (even more than wearing knee high boots). Europe is the best place to walk in the world. Amsterdam is a walker’s dream.

  2. Mandy

    Yeah it’s easy to go anywhere from Nyc, the Caribbean’s only three hours away. But hubby has been threatening to curtail our traveling … something about credit card bills … boo! party pooper

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