I’m Back, From Outer Space

It has been a while since I have written. I am so sorry but I have a very good excuse. My life has turned upside down and across the country. Two very big things have happened in my life. First of all, because I went a year without a cigarette my doctor let me off a certain medication. This medication was causing me pain, and the withdrawal of that medication was even worse and went on for about a month. Secondly, right about the time I was feeling better my husband got a new job and we were off to Philadelphia. We had less than a month’s notice and had to pack, find a place, drive the u-haul cross country, quit my job, and move into the new place. Right now I am surrounded by boxes in my living room. It is sort of like living in a storage locker, with a kitchen and TV. We have moved from a three bedroom fourteen hundred square feet apartment in Boise, Idaho to a one bedroom, seven hundred and fifty square feet apartment in Philadelphia. The experience has been amazingly mind blowing and also exhausting.

My mountain of boxes
My mountain of boxes

My husband and I have been stressed and on high alert for over three months and I know it has taken its toll on our diet and our bodies. The month that I was in pain I spent most of it on the couch. I was still in pain while packing and trying to get rid of most of our furniture. It is hard to sell all your furniture in a couple weeks. We even had trouble trying to give items away. It was two weeks of packing and moving and trying to spend as much time with family and friends as possible. Quality time was impacted by the urge to get things done. While I tried to be mindful in the presence of my friends and family the “to do list” was always in the back of my mind and I am only just realizing that now. There were so many people I missed and so many people I just didn’t get to relate how much I love them.

The day of the move we were so unorganized and stressed. That night when we got to our first hotel with our u-haul packed with our things, I realized I had been wearing my casual dress inside out the entire day. After taking a long hot bath in the gigantic tub Brad surprised me with, I sort of scared him because I was so tired I was speaking gobble-dy gook and had to be put to bed. After two more exhausting days of driving we took a break at my parent’s house in Oklahoma. We had decided to visit for two reasons. I hadn’t seen them in a long while and I might not in a while. Also, Mom has been pretty upset we haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in about ten years. It might as well have been a spa. It was a refuge in the middle of the country. We slept a lot and ate my Momma’s delicious food and talked and joked with my parents and siblings. Also, I got to play with my nephew and what could someday be my nephew. It was so nice and restorative we were sad to have to leave after three days. We drove three more days until we got to Philly. Then after a night in the hotel I watched my belongings be loaded onto a busy city street into a hole in the wall between two dumpsters. That is where the service elevator was. I even watched a guy pee next to one of the dumpsters. After all my belongings were safely into my new place, Brad and I set up the air bed and then went to buy a new mattress on Black Friday no less. After a wonderful dinner at the pizza place across the street, we drifted off to a deep sleep. That was six days ago.

The hole we moved our stuff into
The hole we moved our stuff into

Today I am taking a strongly recommended day off. I have been moving boxes and furniture and sleeping on an air mattress which has affected my back. Last night my husband begged me not to do anything today because I could barely walk. I really wanted to get this apartment into shape because right now it feels like living in a storage locker. Being in a huge city without any friends or family I guess I am just struggling to make a home. I need one place to feel normal. However, I am taking a break for my husband’s peace of mind to write and reflect on what we have been through.

All of this leads me to the good news. In a big city like this we are walking a lot more. We gave up our car since it costs over two hundred dollars to park it here. We are going to be eating in more since I am not working and it is so expensive to eat out. I am hoping that is going to bode well for our health. Today I am taking it easy and am going to do some yoga. With a little de-stressing, I think Philly will become home.

One thought on “I’m Back, From Outer Space

  1. Mandy

    Danielle!! I am so excited for you and am so happy to welcome you to my coast! Living in a city will change your life health-wise! I can’t even imagine driving anymore. It’s just natural for me now to go everywhere on my own two feet and though it will be an adjustment, soon you will be a city walker too. The greatest way to stay active is by necessity. You don’t have a choice anymore. Yay I am so happy to just have read this great news and and I hope you guys can make it to nyc sometime soon to visit!

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