That’s More than Four Miles!

At the Christmas Village

Yesterday I walked a record breaking 8, 533 steps. I am proud of myself and extremely sore. Last night I cried. This is life in the big city for me. I love it here in Philadelphia, but you wouldn’t think so the way I have gotten grouchy, cranky and weepy. Two things are going on. I am exploring a beautiful city with amazing architecture, history out its ass, and sweet friendly people. The other thing that is happening is I am trying to fit two middle aged lives into a one bedroom apartment.

Seeing into the future: I will conquer this

The latter is the most difficult. Brad and I had a three bedroom apartment. Each of us had their own office complete with our own closet. That autonomy made our marriage rather pleasant. There were times when we got stressed with each other, cranky at life, or just needing space and we could just retire to our separate spaces. This has ended. The idyllic existence is over. We must truly cohabitate as every inch of space in our apartment is being assessed and planned. Mountains of stuff are being crammed into spaces we used to have plenty of space for. I am moving boxes to one side of the apartment and back because there isn’t an extra room where we can leave them for when we need them. There is just one room, and then another with the bed in it. Brad has an awesome new job and all the pressures that go with that so he isn’t able to help at all really. I have been here a week and a half and frankly it is already driving me crazy. I keep saying, when the apartment is finished, when we are all unpacked, and organized I will feel better, but will I? Will I?

My Gorgeous Man in his Work duds


Hubby and I were single for a long time before we found each other. We both had plenty of time to ruminate in our own company and to know what we liked and didn’t. We like our own space. I think it is getting to him too, me always being around, probably worse. He is an introvert. They desperately need their own space, but here I am. I am there in the morning when he wakes up and every minute of every day he is here. It is probably brutal for him. I think that is why we are both grouchy. It is part of the reason.

The other part is the physical activity. We are both worn out. Our life pre move was sedimentary other than for the occasional yoga. Now Brad walks to work and back. We walk to everything now like stores and restaurants. This is such a good thing because we need the exercise, but it is kind of like trial by fire. Between unpacking, moving furniture, trying to find the grocery store and just being a general tourist, my feet are wondering what the heck I am doing. Every day is a new physical challenge that I don’t really think about when I am walking, but boy does my body feel it later.

The Beautiful Capital


I have been doing this for about two weeks, and before that we were on a cross country trip. Yesterday Brad and I walked all over. It was one of my favorite days in a long time. I got to go to the park, walked through the fancy Rittenhouse area, see my husband’s work, visit Christmas Village (an outside holiday market), ride on a horse drawn carriage, and walk through the city hall. I almost made it to the elusive 10,000 step goal, the closest to that goal I have ever gotten. Throughout the entire day, I had a huge grin on my face. I took a picture with a Santa on a motorcycle for crying out loud. When we got home, we relaxed with a couple of burgers. We were both exhausted. It was a big day, but winding down our bodies hurt and we began sniping at each other. A couple snips later I was in bed and crying and saying how tired I was. Brad felt so bad he rubbed my feet so I could sleep. It’s a rollercoaster with me. We started joking that maybe I should start taking naps. When Danielle gets tired apparently she gets grouchy.

Well, ya know…Santa

I have figured out my plan for fitness. One day I will walk all over trying to find a particular thing, like a grocery store or drug store: there is my cardio. The next day I will move boxes and clean the house and that will be my weight training. It is working out. I just hope my body gets used to it soon, for my marriage’s sake. Mandy my friend from New York advised me, “The greatest way to stay active is by necessity.” Those words are so true, and I hope they lead me to a healthier lifestyle.

One thought on “That’s More than Four Miles!

  1. Mandy

    YES you will feel better when you are settled! My god, you just moved across the country, you are allowed some tears. There are few things harder than living together in a tiny space during times of high stress and change. Total meltdown time. You guys will learn how to find your own little space in that one-bedroom apartment, trust me, it takes time, but you will do it. The way my husband and I manage is that the living room is basically “my” room, it is very lovely and decorated all over with stuff I love like candles and dried flowers, and the bedroom is pretty much ‘Jake’s” room, with pictures of bands and his guitars all over the place. When we need our own space, we just retire to those two areas and it works out to calm our nerves. You need to put up some “Danielle” things, to make some corner feel like yours, even if if is just a corner. Don’t forget the peace and harmony that decorating brings!

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