I Am Resolved To Have Fun Anyways

Running errands will keep me in shape, no?

Let me just say that having PCOS sucks. Okay I got out the anger right away, I am done. So I am on pain pills while I write this. It is seven thirty on a Saturday night and I have been playing the couch potato game today. Let me tell you how I got into this mess.

Last Sunday I was taking a leisurely bath, enjoying the bubble bath Mom got me for Christmas. It is the pink stuff from Avon which they sometimes discontinue so I have been using it sparingly. I was really enjoying this when all of a sudden our outrageously insane fire alarm went off. I have never heard a fire alarm like this. It alternately speaks to you and blares. So it is something like this “BONK BONK PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING….THIS IS AN EMERGENCY…PLEASE LEAVE THE BUILDING>>>BONK BONK BONK BONK…and it repeats so loud you can’t think. I thought we were at war.

Have you ever been in such a hurry that you just jumped out of the bathtub? Yeah, me neither. I jumped out of the tub and grabbed a towel and proceeded to skid across the tile floor. I quickly righted myself. It was just a second. I have fallen extremely worse in my life. I didn’t even hit the floor! I didn’t feel anything wrong. I had to then get dressed quickly and bundle up and climb down five flights of stairs before the brain crushing alarm finally quit. My husband really can’t stand loud noises so his nerves were shot as we waited with my older neighbor on the third landing because she couldn’t walk up the five flights up.

The next morning I woke up and my ankle was swollen, and I couldn’t walk on it. For the first couple hours I thought I had sprained it in my sleep.  It takes me a while to wake up.

It has been sore and angry all week. Off and on I have had to stay off my foot. On Friday, it was feeling a little better so I decided to get out. I had to take a package to UPS and to pick up some packages from the building across the street, and for whatever reason I couldn’t help myself I had to wear my boots. I came back and changed out of them and into my sneakers and walked about five blocks away to the coffee shop. On the way there, I changed the way my laptop bag was sitting across my chest. When I did it swung the wrong way and swooped down my neck. It must have jarred my back. It didn’t hurt then, but this morning when I woke up It hurt so bad that for hours I was icing and heating it alternatively and finally it was so bad I took a pain pill.

I have to go get the tampons in this??
I have to go get the tampons in this??

I also started my period. So these aches and pain have probably been exacerbated by this. Having PCOS means that most of my body is swollen and achy anyways if and when I have my period.  I don’t know if anyone else who has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome feels this way, but I feel like all the premenstrual stuff are ten times worse than they used to be. I have been having breast pain every day,  all day all week, cramps that are bend over and yelp painful, and I actually cried during the recent episode of Big Bang Theory.  I get kind of depressed over the state of my body, but I have to remember-hopefully-it is temporary.

Last time I had my period it lasted over six months. That was 2011.

The good part is, I walked anyways. Today I went down to the local Walgreens a couple of blocks away. Last time I had my period, I could barely go to work. I spent about an hour from the time I left to the time I got home. I walked all around the Walgreens and through the snow gleefully to get there. I did have pain killers in my system but I am just impressed that I left the house when I really didn’t have to. I am very happy. It is small victories I have to be glad of when my body is going through this. Someday I am hoping I won’t have these problems but in the mean time, I will do what I can to not let it get me down.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified…

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