No Excuses

Warrior pose? hmmm? Not much of a warrior if I don't do it.
Warrior pose? hmmm? Not much of a warrior if I don’t do it.

I wanted to lie to you and say that I have been having problems fitting yoga into my new schedule. That’s totally not true, but I want to say that. I get so many benefits from yoga. My feet feel better at night, and my fibromyalgia is so much better when I fit in a downward dog or two. So what is the problem with me? I like Yoga. Why do I not fit it into my life?

When we lived in Boise we had blankets we set up in my office that we did yoga on.  When I got home from work we had dinner, watched TV and then did yoga before going to bed. When we woke up we went into that room before breakfast. We were doing yoga twice a day. For the first time in a few years I was waking up limber and feeling no pain in my muscles. When I don’t do yoga, I have a complete body ache and it feels like I am sick with the flu.

I went through years trying to quit smoking. You know the type, the ones who wake up hawking up a lung, harshly coughing all the time, and gasping for air after walking to the bathroom, but still unable to give up the ugly habit causing these problems. For years, I felt bad for always failing to quit smoking. l thought and still do, what an idiot I was to continue to abuse my body.

Now I am in the same situation. Once again, I am putting other things above my health. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not being lazy. I have been cleaning house and walking around the city. I have been exercising. I feel good about that, but that good feeling is overshadowed by the fact that I am shirking what should be considered medication for me. Yoga allows me to feel good, and it would allow me to do more of the other exercise I need to do.

Yes Mom I vacuumed those are bleach stains

While I have been getting the apartment set up, one of the things I wanted was a convenient place to do yoga. It is really hard to figure that out when I am having trouble finding a place for my underwear. There is a place between the kitchen and our bathroom where we have a little floor space. We bought two yoga mats and the only place I found to store them was under the cabinet we keep our food in. It isn’t very convenient but again, that’s just an excuse.

I am making a vow, right now, to get back on the yoga train. I will make sure that I do it starting now at least three times a week. If I do not, I will Twitter it on Sunday of that week (which also posts to my Facebook feed), and I ask that you playfully tease me and give me a hard time. I need a little extra encouragement, and maybe holding myself responsible publicly will help.

My favorite! It is more than bending over!

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