Getting To Know You

Your Beautiful Library!
Your Beautiful Library!

Hello Philly,

Can I call you Philly? I didn’t know if I had to be here a certain time before I was able to be familiar. I am so excited to get to know you. I am loving all there is to do here. The art, culture, and especially the history. You can’t be within your city limits and not think about American history. I keep thinking about all the varied forms of history.

Personally I have been recounting parts of my past I haven’t talked about in over ten years. Meeting new people who want to get to know you requires that. It is as if I must go back and refresh my memory of some of the cobwebbed corners of my history. I find myself explaining things in conversations that I can vaguely remember saying before but only vaguely. I never really can put anything behind me. Old scars can’t be erased, but it is enlightening to get new insight on something you haven’t talked about in fifteen years. Events I have put behind me are dragged out of my mouth by the fact that to get to know me, is to know what I have conquered and what I have bled. I must say, it is just sort of odd to be meeting new people and making new friends at forty.

Your people are caring citizens who are really trying to get to know me, and let me get to know them.

The best part is I can tell all the funny stories my longtime friends have heard over and over.

Brad at our favorite pizza place in Philly so far.
Brad at our favorite pizza place in Philly so far. This is his you want me to do what? face.

Some miscellaneous things I have noticed about you:

Your people are super friendly. I am still getting to know your public transportation system. I have asked questions almost every time I ride the bus and everyone I have asked were super friendly, smiling while telling me where to go and what bus or train to ride. They usually go the extra mile and tell me where to eat and what to see when I get there. I am loving Philadelphians.

Sometimes people don’t look me in the eye. This is weird for me. I have to say that I have only encountered this usually from the service industry. I will ask a question and the person responding won’t really answer it or look me in the eye, they will just go and do what I asked about. For instance, do you have any tables available by the window? No answer forth coming, no acknowledgement of the question in the form of a look to the eye, or a nod of the head, nothing. The hostess just takes off toward the window expecting me to follow.

With my allergies this is the best way for me to get my puppy fix.
With my allergies this is the best way for me to get my puppy fix. This was a joyful discovery on Pine.

Some of your people really like fur, as in a form of clothing. I had never seen that before.

I did get the boots, Philly. I have the boots, and am excited about it. I feel like they are almost a uniform here.

Until next time, thanks for welcoming me so warmly.

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