My Momma Always Said…

Look at me with the clean kitchen!!!!
Look at me with the clean kitchen!!!!

Okay so I am about to tell you something and you are not allowed to tell my mother I said it. She was right. It is not like me to admit it, I promise, but lately I have been thinking of all the ways she is right. Not just her but the other women who have entered life before me.

I don’t want to brag, but I am getting the hang of this life thing. My house is clean, I am checking off all my to dos daily, my hubby is happy with me, and I am even keeping up with eating well and doing yoga! I have never been able to juggle my responsibilities efficiently until recently. I am usually only good at one section of my life at a time. I eat healthy one week, write well another and keep my house clean another. This week it is like I have found the key and all those locks are clicking together at the same time. I have opened harmony!!! Woohoo! I rock!!!! Right now I am secretly doing the “I Rock” dance over the keyboard and smiling.

My exciting foray into Pork Lomein. Husband is jealous it turned out so good!
My exciting foray into Pork Lomein. Husband is jealous it turned out so good!

Part of that is finally cashing in on all that good advice people like my mom and Aunt Nicole have told me. These jewels of wisdom are as follows:

  1. It is best to go to bed with a clean kitchen. Waking up to dirty dishes, when it is my job to keep the house clean, leaves a deficit in my “to do” list already. I already start out with something in the negative column when I leave them. This week I have tried to do them before I go to bed and it has helped. – Thanks Mom
  2. Dishes are easier if you do them as soon as you make them dirty. Doing breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes at the same time is overly tedious. However, throwing them in as you go only takes a couple minutes at a time, which means you I have to keep the dishwasher empty. –Thanks Nicole
  3. Set a minimum time for something and I will more than likely spend more time on it than I originally planned. Two hours of writing is the minimum I set this week, I have gone over many times. I have gotten so much done! It is amazing what just “starting” can do for me.
  4. Be clear about what I want and need. When hubby was making banana bread I told him, “Ya know, the dishwasher is empty-hint, hint.” -A tip from me. Also, when you are hinting to your husband you have to say, hint, hint. My husband doesn’t get the hint without it. (He is the smartest man in the universe but isn’t too clear on subterfuge.)

I have ignored these things my entire life. I usually just clean heavy on the weekends, choosing to just watch TV after work. This may have worked when I was only home for five hours every day and on the weekends but saving all my cleaning for just one day is really is depressing. I have tried to get creative in a space that also holds my dirty dishes and moldy laundry. What happens is that I sit in front of my computer but really I am thinking about all I have to do. It is hard not to be distracted by dirty dishes in a one bedroom apartment.

Spicy, healthy food is easy when the kitchen is clean.
Spicy, healthy food is easy when the kitchen is clean.

Now I get things done as I go and as a result I am loving being able to have head space clear to do other things I enjoy. I am writing more, and it is allowing me to put those little finishing touches on my apartment I have been putting off, like hanging up my husband’s light saber that’s been sitting in the package for years. I am having an easier time cooking healthy meals because of these tips. I am really just feeling like I am working with all my moxie right now. Thank you Mom, and Aunt Nicole. Thank you for giving me all the advice I have ignored for so long.  I am finally having what I have always wanted, and that is harmony in my home and the confidence to accomplish my goals.

2 thoughts on “My Momma Always Said…

  1. Nicole

    You are a rock star now and you were before! I know that and you should too. I’m so proud of you and your many accomplishments. You look beautiful and happy. You deserve it. I love you bunches and miss you more. Aunt Nicole.

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