A Sublime Saturday

Favorite view in Philadelphia, the river
Favorite view in Philadelphia, the river. Isn’t that a huge ship?

Saturday was one of my top ten beautiful days in my life. I slept in until ten and then cuddled until eleven. My husband is the ultimate in cuteness and snuggle ability. I am going to ask you to take my word for it because I don’t think you want me to describe why. He was just super adorable that morning and I can still see him looking at me from his pillow.

After he woke me with sweetness, he made me breakfast. We had fried eggs on toast, and smoothies with fruit and Greek yogurt. We took our time and enjoyed our coffee and the conversation. After that we got dressed and hailed a cab.

I wanted to check out an area here. There is a place called Morgan’s Pier which is very popular with the locals. From what I read about this place, it seemed like a wonderful place with a chef and I thought we would be enjoying the river breezes and conversation. It was a mad house. There were so many people there. It was packed, hot, and we couldn’t get a seat. I was wearing my uncomfortable shoes but we had already been dropped off so we started walking.

We were looking at all the piers and enjoying the ships, but also searching for a taxi to take us somewhere else and then we found a restaurant. It is called La Veranda. It was beautiful inside, but the real lovely part was outside on the veranda. We sat out there in the shade with a breeze cooling our bodies. We sipped on ice tea and watched ships float by some as large as buildings. La Veranda is run by real Italians, and seemed to imbibe the attitude I was looking for. The table behind us asked the water when their food was coming. They were impatient and I was overjoyed. I was looking for a long leisurely lunch with my husband. I rarely get to eat al fresco because husband hates the heat, but this was perfectly cool out there by the water.

The group above us in the balcony had some children that noticed the ducks. We were so happy to watch them throw bread out to them and their little ducklings, even with the shower of bread crumbs on our head. They were boisterously rebuking the fish that kept stealing the bread from the fish. “Oh man! Get away you evil catfish!!!” We were glad the catfish was oblivious because we got to watch them pop up now and again.

The all engrossing wildlife
The all engrossing wildlife

Sitting in the cool breeze, sipping ice tea and looking at the water ripple around ducks and catfish was very indulgent. We chatted about our new lives in Philadelphia, but most of the time we just savored our surroundings.

I went against my better judgment and ordered the carbonara. It is my favorite dish. I am always disappointed when I order that because it is never as good as it should be, but it was surprisingly well made and so yummy. They don’t skimp on the sauce, no alfredo in site. Now we know why it takes so long at La Veranda. They make your pasta to order!

Okay, it was just so good. I don't usually take the food pics, but come on.
Okay, it was just so good. I don’t usually take the food pics, but come on.

I was taking so long eating my pasta because I was savoring. When the manager came by he asked if I liked it. I said I was taking so long because I didn’t want to leave, he said, “Oh, you can not leave. I will chain you to the chair!”

I was so happy! We must have stayed there two hours with our tiramisu and espresso. We evaluated all the boats parked there, and fantasized about sailing. We talked about movies and books, and our plans for the immediate future.

Afterwards we went to see Avengers, which was amazing and then hazily walked around Center City listening to the guy across the street play the guitar. The night air was cool and surprisingly smell free.

Any time I get to focus on this guy is a good day. Just look at that handsomeness!
Any time I get to focus on this guy is a good day. Just look at that handsomeness!

When we made it back into our apartment and got off the elevator, the most delicious smell hit us. It was almost over whelming. I said, “Wow that is amazing!”

Brad said, “What is that?”

I said, “I bet it is the guy down the hall, it is always his apartment smelling so good.”

“Wait,” Brad said, “I think that is our apartment.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “The beans!”

We opened the door and were surprised to find a delicious dinner waiting for us!

Basically thank you Philly for working out for me. It was one of those blissfully romantic days where it all falls into place. Whatever happens in my life, whatever mistakes I have made, and whatever loses I have had, sometimes I just have to revel in the days when my life is blissful and serene. I think part of seeking happiness and fulfillment is being mindful when it comes.  I have to live in the moments when I can savor the earth, its bounty, and the man I love. I will live on this one for a long time. I will savor it until I get the next one.

Thank you Philly, and La Veranda.
Thank you Philly, and La Veranda.

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