How can we love someone who hates us?

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“Until there is peace between religions, there can be no peace in the world.”― Thích Nhất Hạnh

(My friend over at Coffee and a Blank Page, Alice Isak, has challenged me to post a quote here. I decided to work it into my current post. I am supposed to ask three other bloggers to do it, but I don’t really know any of the bloggers I follow face to face so I am not that comfortable with that. However, if you want to read great writing, search out She somehow makes ranting, pain, and feminism lyrical and beautiful.)

I don’t usually talk about political issues, but I feel that certain things are really getting me down lately. I have had arguments with my family about certain things and am humming inside with a brewing sadness. This affects my health surely so I feel I can talk about them here.

Last post I pleaded that I wanted to be considered human. As a fat person, I am viewed as less than, and I really want to be just viewed as human in the media and life. I am rethinking that.

In the light of the Supreme Courts recent decision I sat down to write my friend a letter. I wanted to let him know how happy I was. I said to him congratulations doesn’t really cut it though. To say congrats would be like saying, “You worked so hard to finally be considered human.” Being able to marry the one you love seems like it should be inherent, a basic human right, so maybe the sentiment should be “about time?” Congratulations for finally being considered human in the eyes of the rest of your countrymen. So now I am sending out, “YAY! It’s about time” cards.

As more and more violence against African Americans are coming to light, makes me believe my gay friends who want equal rights still have decade’s worth of fight ahead of them. One step forward, two steps back. The task of getting rid of the hate in human hearts is a huge one: painful, desperate, and seemingly unending. It is ridiculously ignorant and, if history is any indication, a fruitless endeavor to hold onto hate. Yet people do it.

From the blogger from Marie Claire who felt able to express her disgust at watching fat people kiss, to the movie reviewer who called Melissa McCarthy names I won’t repeat here. I have seen the hatred of fat people in the media.

I think we as a human race are asking for too little. I don’t think we should just ask for equal rights and to be considered human. I think we should ask to be celebrated for what makes us special.

“Until there is peace between religions, there can be no peace in the world.”― Thích Nhất Hạnh

He goes on to say that there will be no peace in the religions until we listen to one another, really listen and try to understand. I don’t think that understanding will happen on a normal human to human level until you fall in love with a person who is of that path. I don’t mean romantic love. I mean really love, give the shirt off my back, kind of love. How can someone understand a movement if they don’t really love someone in that movement? I don’t believe some people can love without the true knowledge of what they are going through. I try. I try to love the best way I know how.

As a Christian I believe that it is my responsibility. I believe that Christ wanted people to be and feel loved. I believe redemption was the guiding force under most of his actions. I want people to feel not only infallibly and wonderfully human but deeply loved.

I think it comes from my mother, this emotional involvement in current events. She is the one who feels things in her bones. She watches the news constantly and yells at the TV sometimes. I have avoided that, but only because I avoid news channels and nightly news. I know I am emotional. I know that I feel pain for what is happening and I only get my news from the internet.

I long for a “Federation” type community where everyone is loved for their gifts. Do people not understand there are lives at stake? I am not just talking about crazy white supremacist gun men. I am talking about those adults that say things and take actions to dehumanize others. When you dehumanize someone else, people die. People die every day because of hatred. The pain caused by bullying and this other than sort of mindset is horrible and pervasive. Not only does it affect the person you are bullying it lets those around you think and believe that sort person is not human. I know it sounds Pollyannaish to say love everyone, but if we want to save lives and souls we need to love EVERYONE. Not the “I love you so I am going to tell you what to do and how to live kind of love.” We need to love in the deeply understanding kind of way. If you look at someone and say I don’t understand that person or their life style, try. Don’t try by studying or remote observation. Try to love them.

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