Well it is not War but it is a Start: Phase 1

Picture proof of my Tuesday walk and sweaty, shiny forehead after finally ducking into the air conditioned library.

Husband and I had a meeting. We have set initial goals and decided we will set a new goal every month. First goal we set – we decided we are going to do something for our bodies every day: walking, yoga, or weights. This is the thing we have to do. In Brad’s case, he has to walk a mile to work every day, but he is going to try and go a block here or there out of the way, and he will be adding yoga and weights. I will be trying to walk every other day, yoga every day, and weights three times a week. (Husband and I are looking for dumbbells and resistance bands. I have to say it is the most inconvenient thing I have shopped for. The bad part is somehow getting them to our apartment. I know that we can use the gym in the building but I am sorry it smells like sweaty feet and old newspaper. I don’t really feel I am ready to walk fifty pounds of weights home from a store. The closest store to my house is only about a half a mile but still, I don’t think my back can take that. A weight set with shipping, whew! I am still looking, and crossing my fingers for a Labor Day sale.)

Second goal – We will not have ANY soda. At all. Tea, coffee, and water are all acceptable libations. Soda is so over. It is totally passe’ to be tugging around a Styrofoam 72 ounce cup of sugar water.  We are through with the empty calories, and the fact that any of the soda you drink with or without sugar negatively affects your bones.  I have heard it has been said, it is like pissing out your calcium. We will not even partake of soda that comes a part of a meal. No more value meals.

Which brings me to goal three – no more fast food. Admittedly, we have curtailed most of this only because fast food in Philadelphia requires walking to get to it, but there is still delivery. The delivery here, a lot of time isn’t that good. They sell the same pizza crust/chicken fingers/French fries/ etc. at many of the restaurants. Eating this fake crap is just not even worth it. If we are eating out, or even delivery it is gonna have to be the good stuff. The criteria is easy to distinguish. If you have eaten essentially good food, you’ll notice that you naturally eat slower because you want to actually enjoy the taste. It is made with things that you can pronounce and it is slightly more expensive. Giving up fast food, will make it so we can enjoy these slower food/healthy food options.

Earlier that day…more walking and more sweating. One of the benefits of Philly walks is the beautiful architectural details like this door.

Basically goal four is only real food. If I can’t pronounce it, and don’t recognize it – it cannot go in my mouth. Simple.

Basically we are becoming food snobs but in a good way. We are on the search for better, more flavorful, nurturing food. No more crap.

I am sharing my goals with everyone on my blog and in my family too. I am calling everyone to help me. Help me by telling me the little things you do to make this fight for a healthy body easier. Let’s create a healthy culture.

4 thoughts on “Well it is not War but it is a Start: Phase 1

  1. Mandy

    These are great goals! One of my healthy choice goals is to eat snacks with either protein or whole wheat. Nuts, Greek yogurt, low fat cheese, triscuits. They keep you fuller longer. And good for maintaining blood sugar.

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