Ill Prepared for Vegetarianism?

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Being a vegetarian is hard. I went “cold turkey” so to speak on the meat products. Right now there is absolutely no meat in my freezer. We went out with a bang. I made a delicious meal last night of fried chicken, mashed cauliflower, gravy, and some corn from a farm nearby. That was about as healthy as I could make my last home style meal.

Today is a new day though and I have to craft a meal without the crutch of meat as a main protein source. I have been looking up recipes for three hours. I made the mistake of buying a lot of vegetables that I like but not a lot that makes a cohesive meal. I have a lot of veggies to snack on like carrots, red peppers, and hummus. There is also grapes. I ordered groceries from a new delivery service and they had an amazing selection of produce that really had me excited. I also got some things I thought I might need like tahini, vanilla, and almond flour. I also had to replace a lot of my spices. I felt like I would need those in the coming weeks. I felt like I had bought out the whole store, but maybe that was only my wallet.

So lesson learned, next time I will look up good recipes and then make out my grocery order specifically off the recipes. Certain recipes are just in your blood because you have eaten them your entire life. I could not tell you how much this is frustrating me. I must tell you that my Dad hates vegetables to the point where it is almost like he is allergic to them. So I wasn’t raised on a veggie heavy diet. The extent of that cooking included a can of veggies opened into a pot and warmed on a stove. Don’t get me wrong, Mom did what she could. She grew fresh tomatoes and cooked healthy in every other way, but we were a meat and potatoes household.

Keeping healthy in my site line.
Keeping healthy in my sight line.

The point is I don’t have any experience making veggies the main event. Right now I am going through recipes to see what I can make with what I already have. I have found a recipe for peanut sauce pasta tonight, but I am sure I will be struggling just as much in the future. I am checking out some books from the library, but I am really excited that I found something today. I have to be better about the pressure I put on myself. I was watching The Closer the other day and one of the detectives is an alcoholic. He said that you don’t have to think about giving up alcohol forever, just think about giving it up today. I am heavily thinking about eating healthy today.  I found a recipe for today and even tomorrow. I am feeling encouraged. We are doing leftovers for next day so I got lunch too. Between that and my walks, I am doing great!

8 thoughts on “Ill Prepared for Vegetarianism?

  1. Mandy

    Try textured vegetable protein. You mix it with water and it works like ground beef. We make tacos with it, they’re so good. You need to use lots of seasoning b/c it’s flavorless. And you can make a ton of it and freeze. It’s the best. Try it!

  2. Mandy

    At Whole Foods there are tons of non-soy meatless products. It’s our favorite store. For thanksgiving I threw a bunch of shit together and put it in a roasting pan and covered it in tofurkey gravy and it was just like the real thing…kinda 😕

  3. Ann Jenson

    I can give you several websites that have plant-based recipes if you are interested. Tom and I have found a lot of recipes we really like over the last few years. I can share a few of them, too.

    1. I would love any recipes or web sites you are enjoying. I am a sort of fish out of water. I grew up in meat and potato land! I will say that I have enjoyed how creative we have had to be, because we don’t know how to cook now. It is like relearning something and the meals are fabulous. For instance, my hubby was baking fresh bread and I made ratatouille sandwiches. We are getting super fancy, which makes us feel like we are treating ourselves. It has been fun. I am glad Tom gave you my blog. If you want we can be friends on facebook and share recipes. I would love that.

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