Its been a Rough Month and not just for me…

What chin? I don’t have a chin…

It has been a really long road but I am back. I am sorry for not posting sooner but I have been really sick. It all started when I got back from Oklahoma. I was pretty hopeful. I had my biopsy scheduled and Oklahoma was a very active. I will publish a blog about it later. I was excited. The next week I went in for an endometrial biopsy. They had to put me under. They started with this twilight stuff that put me under but I was still kind of awake. I guess when they started the biopsy I got a little out of control so they had to put in a tube down my throat. Apparently the twilight stuff doesn’t work on me because I may have been combative. I didn’t really know the extent until later in the day because I was sore everywhere and my chin started to swell. By swell I mean my normally minimal double chin turned into a quadruple chin. I couldn’t swallow and it hurt to move my tongue.


I called my doctor and she didn’t seem to think it was anything big. She said everyone gets a little swelling. The next day I woke up having even more trouble swallowing and I could barely walk I was so sore.  We went to the ER around three pm, and waited and waited. We didn’t leave until 2 am the next day after they took blood, ran a CT scan, and several doctors poked around my chin and inside my mouth under my tongue. Come to find out I had a salivary stone and it was infected. It was so weird. I mean a couple hours after the biopsy it just swelled so fast. Apparently it can happen when they put a tube down your throat but its super rare. All the docs kept saying, “I’ve never seen this before.”

Great, right? Everyone wants the doc to be surprised. I just kept asking, “My face will not stay this way right?” I mean I can deal with the natural double chin, cause that one is my fault but this, this was ridiculous. It took four days of steroids and antibiotics before the infection broke and it started to ooze puss into my mouth. I am sure I don’t have to explain how walking around with a make shift spittoon and spitting yellow salty liquid was unpleasant. It took an additional two days of spitting and hurting to finally get my face back and to be able to move my tongue and jaw without pain. I was amazed at my face in the mirror. I feel so much more beautiful than I did before. I will never complain about my fat face again.

Look at that beauty on the way to the ENT! She got her chin back!!!

I went to the ENT and got a good bill of health only to come down with a sinus infection the next day.  I have been stuffed up and miserable for over a week now.  Not only have I been sick for a month, but I’ve had several family members going through crises that I can’t explain.  I hate that I am so far away from my family and it is difficult to watch them go through so many painful things.

Then the nation went through a horrible painful event. My thoughts are with Orlando now. I feel just as helpless to help them as my family.  Between the stress, sadness, and sickness I have been down and out. I am sure this week I am not the only one. Over and over this tragedy has made me think about all the loved ones I have lost due to intolerance and hatred. I am definitely grieving for these families.

It is hard to handle everything so I am focusing on trying to get well right now, because it is all I can do. This morning I was able to breathe through my nose so I made a smoothie and eggs with mushrooms us and then I did some yoga. I researched an anti-inflammatory diet and started a journal in order to get everything off my mind. Right now this is all I can handle.

I urge everyone reading this to take care of your health physical and mental. This world is getting more horrible everyday it seems if you watch the news and read the internet. Sometimes I have to turn it all off and just be mindful of how I am truly blessed. I hope that helps you too. If you have to, if it is depressing you, just step away. It is okay. I have to do it sometimes.  Lean on whatever gives you strength. For me that is prayer, my husband and my family and friends. I also meditate and do yoga. What gives you strength during this horrible time?

2 thoughts on “Its been a Rough Month and not just for me…

  1. Actually, NO. I do not EVER want my doc to be surprised, impressed, or even moderately taken off-guard!! 😉

    SOOO glad you recovered from this as quickly as you did (tho I’m sure it didn’t feel quick)!!

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