Questions about the Yoga Community


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My first prototype outfit: jeans. It worked until my workouts got more difficult.

I just finished my fourth day of “Thirty days of Yoga with Adriene” and I am finding that I love it. Husband and I are amazed at what are bodies are able to accomplish after only four days of practice. We still have problems though because we didn’t understand two of the shoulder stretches and we continue to have wardrobe malfunctions. It is okay because we are at home so there is no embarrassment but it is quite annoying.

First off, my husband’s pants kept falling down. It is so cute to me his pale cheeks glowing in the darkness of my living room, if not distracting. It annoyed him to no end. He just let it stay down but our apartment is pretty cold. After the work out I was teasing him because he had a striped pattern on his buttocks from the yoga mat. I however didn’t apparently have the concentration to keep from pulling up my pants which would fall down every time I did downward dog. It wouldn’t uncover my butt, it was my tummy. My pants would go down leaving my large white belly swinging in the breeze. Not only that, but my boobs were almost suffocating me because the bra I was wearing wasn’t very good. So I kept having to maneuver them this way and that in between poses. Downward dog, which we kept coming back to, wasn’t as enjoyable as usual. I was trying out an outfit that I thought might work on the outside.

See I usually do my yoga in pajamas. I can’t do yoga on the pier in my pajamas. Even if I could it wouldn’t be that comfortable since they do yoga on the pier in the summer and all my pajamas are fairly warm. (Husband is pretty insistent on keeping the apartment artic cold.) Going to do yoga at the pier is one of the things I have promised myself as a reward for trying more difficult poses and longer yoga work outs. I would love to meet other people who love yoga as much as I do because my family and friends are sick of me talking about it. I would love to be around other people who can tell me if I am doing things right, and HELLO it is doing yoga on the pier. I mean I love the water, and I love yoga. It seems like the nexus of joy.

I don’t think I’ll get to do it this year because I have nothing to wear, and finding something in my price range, in my size seems near impossible.

Khaki capris? Now I do it in my bra and hubbies underwear but not going to show you that…lol

I have been able to really embrace yoga as an exercise, but nothing more than that.  I’ve been adding yoga feeds to my Facebook and Instagram. Yoga magazines and Yogis are almost consistently positive and usually educate me on being a better human. I enjoy that because I am always striving to be calmer, and more helpful to other humans. Also it is extremely dark on social media, and a dark time for all this year. I need inspiration just to keep from sitting around depressed. What I didn’t count on were the countless articles and ads that show me clothing I can’t have.

It’s discouraging for one to see a beautiful pair of pink leggings with ties that go down the calve and get excited thinking, Oh finally something not neon. I would look awesome in those, only to find out they only go up to large and I am a 3x. I really like yoga, but it would seem yoga humans don’t really like me. At least businesses that want to capitalize on people who love yoga don’t like me. I won’t quote you the statistics on how stupid that is because of how many fat people their truly are. I could tell you statistically how much having a good self-esteem helps fat people to lose weight, and having the proper clothing helps self-esteem. However, people have already stated these things much better than I.

Many people have written about those assholes over at Lululemon. How they don’t make clothes for fat people because we don’t fit into their brand. I don’t really care about them. Large corporations have rejected me for years for not being their type of glamorous. I get that. They are money grubbing nameless faceless bastards who enjoy their perceived superiority. I’m cool with that. Live and let live.

What really bothers me are the independently owned yogi run businesses who are not inclusive. Most of the people I know who are interested in yoga care about the world around them as much as their practice. They hold themselves to a higher standard of caring for other humans. They care about social justice issues. Many of these companies’ web sites claim to be “a company with a conscience.” Yet here are yogis discriminating against an entire group of people. Don’t kid yourself, saying, “We don’t carry your size” is a form of discrimination.

Admittedly in every group of people there are those that give a philosophy or movement a bad name, but these companies thrive. It’s not as if other yoga practitioners are saying they won’t shop there until companies become inclusive. No one considers it a problem except fat people. Yogis are saying with their money, that’s okay fat people don’t need to work out in public anyway, they can continue to do yoga at home in their underwear. There are plus size companies of course. I know of three that offer a few plus size yoga outfits. That’s not the point.  Companies should offer all sizes, particularly those who claim to have a conscious.

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