Luxury with a Conscience

(Originally printed in Meridian Life Magazine)

At Rain Salon and Spa they take care of you and the community

Walk through the door of Rain Salon and Spa and right away the rejuvenation starts. It’s not just the muted green, tan, and brown walls, or the soft music, or even the calm manner of the women working there. It is the smell of lavender sprigs, jasmine vines, aloe leaves, and rosemary herbs in the air.  All those smells together seem like they would be too much, but Aveda has a special lightness to it that instantly calms the nerves. Aveda has roots deep in the ground. All of its products are made from naturally occurring ingredients: 90% of their essential oils and 89% of their raw herbal ingredients are certified organic. Because it is natural it isn’t overpowering. The Aveda smell is just soothing.

That’s the goal of Rain Salon and Spa to ease, not only the body, but the mind and spirit. “The reason why I called it Rain was because when it rains people feel like they don’t have to do anything that day, like I can stay in, I can relax,  I can give myself permission to be relaxed,” explains Michele Duke, owner of Rain.  “I want my guests to feel that way when they come in here. They can relax and their cares go away.” Whether you’re coming in for a simple manicure, a basic haircut or a 90 minute massage, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Part of obtaining that feeling of relaxation is in the little extra touches Rain provides. With each hair cut customers receive a complimentary scalp massage with blue chamomile oil, minty and fresh. With a hair color Rain provides a complimentary hand massage or a makeup touch up. These rituals calm the customer before starting any treatments. The Aveda products used at Rain also contribute to the relaxing experience. Aveda is plant based, focusing on the five senses. “Everything we do is based off of that,” says Duke, “From the scents that a person chooses for their massage to the scents that are in the shampoos and conditioners, styling aids and even the makeup.”

What’s great is enjoying all this with a clear conscience. Rain and Aveda strive to give back to the community. Every year Aveda sponsors an Earth Month to raise money to protect the Earth. They were the first company to produce their products with entirely certified wind power. They also help the communities that provide some of their ingredients get access to clean water. Rain participates in these events, as well as, other projects on the local level. “We try to give back to our community where we can, and let people know [that] because they support us, we want to support them too,” explains Duke.           “For different women’s organizations, St. Baldrick’s for kids, and at the extended care [facility], we had stylists go over there and give women haircuts who could not get out of bed.”

It’s this social and environmental responsibility that makes Rain a different type of spa. They make every effort for their guests to feel good about the treatments they receive—not only externally but internally as well. So, after an hour massage, sitting in the decompression room on the comfortable lush green chairs, sipping wine, enjoying the fire place, and smelling the sweet relaxing aroma, guests can rest easy in the knowledge of self improvement, but also contributing to Earth’s community.

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