A Dentist Taking in the Entire Picture

(Originally printed in Meridian Life Magazine)

Alpine Heights Dentistry puts patients at ease, while looking beyond teeth

The waiting room for Alpine Heights Dentistry might be mistaken for a spa. Everything is designed to relax: warm beige walls, comfortable chairs, and TV’s above every dental chair. The one exception is a large children’s area called the S.S. Davis in the left corner, painted by a friend of the doctor’s. It looks like a giant pirate ship with a TV and toys inside.  The women at the front desk immediately smile and offer a bottle of water. Some have been working for Dr. Jeff Davis since he opened the practice eight years ago. The hygienist Tabitha Stader explains, “I tell him all the time, I want to retire here. He is passionate, but also a perfectionist. It is good to work for someone you believe in for that long.”

Dr. Davis inspires that loyalty by employing a family first ethic, which allows the staff to feel comfortable in their jobs. This relaxed environment builds a strong team ready to meet any challenge in order to make this office work.

Whether it’s fillings, crowns or root canals, the doctor uses the best products available. To diagnose small cavities he uses the latest in lasers and digital, low dose radiography.  Dr. Davis consistently uses the best materials from bonding agents to crowns. In his cosmetic dentistry he finds particular joy. “That’s one of my favorite parts of the job; changing someone’s smile helps their self esteem.” Dr Davis beams, “It can change a person’s life which is fun to watch.”

While Dr. Davis concentrates on teeth, he knows that dentistry involves the whole body which, he says, can tell him a lot. If the patient is showing discomfort with the head pillow or gripping the chair tightly: discomfort is going to get noticed here. The other way Dr. Davis looks beyond a patient’s mouth is by taking the time for a thorough consultation. “’Somebody will come in and say I’m brushing regularly, flossing regularly, but I have two cavities, what’s going on here?’” Dr. Davis continues, “So definitely we look at diet, the types of things they are eating, how they are brushing, and stress level. We even have antioxidant questions on the questionnaire. They don’t fill out the health history for nothing. We are trying to help that person in their life. Certainly oral health is connected to general health; it’s all tied together.”

All these features are part of the relationship-based care Alpine Heights Dentistry practices.  Dr. Davis credits his success to his staff, “Everyone really gets along, which helps create a team atmosphere. From the front desk getting to know patients, asking them how their day is, to the assistant that is free for a minute coming in and talking to a patient. Everybody really gets to know the patients. Instead of being a number or a procedure; we care for them as a whole person.”